samedi, janvier 27, 2007


Hello dear listener, here is Mr Aperitivo's psychiatrist speaking.

This week monsieur Aperitivo is back, his previous strategy of disapearance was such a success that he almost completly disappeared, his inflated ego conviced him to come back again and I think he is now ready to confront the real world, speaking on the mic is part of his therapy.

As usual you can

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01 Mustafa Ozkent : Uskdar'a Giderken
(Mr Aperitivo is like a mystic, full of an unspeakable perspicacity he can't stop talking about )
02 Of Montreal : Wraith pinned to the mist and other games
(Why such an energy spent in builiding strategy)
03 Devo : Satisfaction
(Because art is a less and less satisfying substitute for sex )
04 Gwem and counter reset : The man machine (die Mensch maschine)
(Was it necessary to read Sun Tzu once more to do this show)
05 Dan le sac & Scroobius pip : Tha shalt always kill
(Because i've been said that sex is a less and less satisfying substitute for masturbation)
06 Michel Magne & Jean Yanne : Superchic génial
(One day a famous strategist wrote something like "to make flowers grow you will have to plant them first" how clever )
07 Bill Cosby : Funky north Philadelphia
(Another great strategist said "the sea, always do it again")
08 Magyar Posse : Popzag
09 Addisqt : Idiot war chant
(This program was made possible wih the helping hands of amnesic hippies, punks who went to art schools )
10 Tali bong : Koto mata
11 Alessandro Alessandroni : Aspetti musicali
(I isn't another, am i ?)
(Great song from a great Lp to come)

Kiss caress and more until next time