vendredi, avril 28, 2006


Come my friend, come in, don't be afraid to enter the Aperitivo's clinic.
Do you feel tired, a bit down, come on the good doctor will take care of you.

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01 Mr Chop : Electric vibes
(Your nerves are electric, your feet can't help themselves beating, these are the first symptoms)
02 The sonics : Psycho
(Psycho ? are you ? Do you need some treament, the aperitivo's clinic and its first class doctors are here to help you)
03 Napoleon XIV : They're coming to take me away
(Kim Fowley, Kim Fowley, Kim Fowley, Kim Fowley, Kim Fowley, Kim Fowley, Kim Fowley, Kim Fowley, AHA AHA AHAHHHH)
04 Tiny Tim : Eversince you told me that you love me (I'm a nut)
(In his birds room, this patient, recovered thanks to our musical pills, red one for happiness, blue one for sleeping, green one, i forgot, what does green stood for ? )
05 Marcos Valle : Nao tem nada nao
(For those who can't stand musical therapy, why not trying the brazilian sun, a short course of heat therapy )
06 Chris Bell : I am the cosmos
(Heat and music are good to help you reconsider your own place into the universe : have a stay in our planetarium)
07 Rachid Taha : Safi
(klnlk, kiaojod,nosi, nkdjsoie,nps pojdpsj jipdjsiii,xbb cyq,ep, as you can hear this patient seems both in love and terribly angry. Our team will soon try a new way to bring him peace. Oriental hard rock is our new therapy)
08 Rev9ln : Walking machine (Sebastian rmx)
(As Justice, Sebastian is our new member in charge of our patient tranquility, don't annoy him)
09 Take Rodriguez and his exotic arkestra : Revcarib
(Every friday the clinic will let you have a visit, friends or family for a special friday night dance party)
10 Komatrohn : Databit
(Once you 'll be tranform into a honorable member of the aperitivo's clinic, you'll be rewared with a go on our fantastic game consol )
11 Cursor Minor : Gizmo kid
(Patient you are, gizmo kid you will be)
12 Ju-par Universal Orchestra : Funky music
(Our great preacher invite you to the communion)
13 Freda Payne : I shall not be moved
(You are still in a precarious situation, you are not totaly in control, we urge to to come back next week for another choc treatment)
14 Coralie Clement : Lou

Kiss caress and more until next time

vendredi, avril 14, 2006


Hello dear listener.
Tonight Aperitivo set in a Dojo, try the Aperitivo martial art.

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01 The Creation : Making time
(First of all if you wanna join the aperitivo kung fu master, let's make your brain and muscles ready)
02 Triste janero : You didn't have to be so nice
(Your brain is smooth, your muscles are waiting for the action, you are listening to the master's voice)
03 Fiesta Hippie : Lorraine
(Some of you didn't take their shoes and socks off, it is time, do it now or leave)
04 Prefuse 73 : Point to b
(The Aperitivo martial art is based on scientifc calculation, power, strenght, weakness are the main issues)
05 Brigitte Fontaine & Art ensemble of chicago : Comme à la radio
(The main rule is that you have to make your competitor confuse, think and act like John Mc Enroe)
06 X-Ray-Spex : Oh bondage up yours
(Now let's go one hundred percent, you are in action, you're playing it hard)
07 Ian dury & the blockheads : Spasticus artisticus
(Aperitivo Kung fu mantra : Think hard, play hard, think hard, play hard, think hard, play hard, repeat it once more)
08 Extra : baby
(This is the real fight, stay focused on it)
09 Kas Product : Pussy XX
(Straight to the shower, the game is over)
10 Pi-R-Square : Fantasy
(You are kind of knocked out, everything seems to be foggy, don't worry you managed to enter the aperitivo 's last shaolin room)
11 Colin Blunstone : Misty roses
(In the room, everything is quiet, is this some king of a drug effect or what).

Kiss caress and more until next time

vendredi, avril 07, 2006


Hello dear listener
Live from the Aperitivo corp. building, here is one more hour of Aperitivo radio show.

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01 Piero Piccioni : Mr Dante Fontana (Conditioner mix, Giulio Aloisi 4 tam tam prod)
(The first of our new product placement activity is one dedicated to our beloved sponsor, whom i'm really gratefull for )
02 Gilberto Gil : Bat Macumba
(Now for Monsieur Aperitivo to buy a new pair of sport shoes, you 'll have to suscribe to our new Brazilian tour, especially recommended by the culture minister)
03 Os mutantes : Lady lady
(For a good advertising campaign, be sure sure women not to forget. Product placement is a science my friend, woman is the man's advisory. Cf. the aperitivo complete corporate rules p.879)
04 Clouddead : dead dogs two
(Our board have just decided that behalf human activity, pet money is good money)
05 Charizma : red light green light
(Just coming after the pet business is the car business, everyone's got a car, do you kno what ? car money is good money)
06 Michael Yonkers band : Microminiature love
(At aperitivo corp, we also have our pirate mob, anarchist disturbing our rules, our business plan was good, but they break it all with their R'nR attitude).
07 The Gun Club : Sex beat
(Everything is fucked up, rock n roll is everywhere, they invade the aperitivo corp building, do you remember the Monthy Python movie, with its white collar pirate ?)
08 Grethe Agatz : Ekholeg + Aperitivo drum machine
(This is our last attempt to make good business together, let's try the child market)
09 Uffie : pop the glock
(Or the young girl one ? Does your daughter have her secret diary, i could sell her one ?)
10 Hypo : New world menuet
(Finally let's face it real, Aperitivo corp is a good company, but not able to make money, or keeping its shareolders on board)
11 Venetian snares : Dance like you're selling nails + Chiitra Neogy : Advice to the lovelorn
(Here we are, the pirate took complete control of the building, nothing is in control)
12 Bonde do role : Funk da esfiha

Kiss caress and more until next time