jeudi, octobre 25, 2007


Hello dear listeners, My Pleasure is the new Aperitivo radio show.
It makes now two weeks that i didn't find time to update the site. The show still continues live on radio Brume, I know dears i'm real late.

As usual you can
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01 The Monks : Oh, how to do how
(This is the first installements in our acclaimed series "The correst use of my pleasure")
02 Alan Vega : Speedway
(Some can find it on the motorway, the correct use of speed indeed)
03 DJ Moule : Can't stand dance
(Clubs sell it like the correct use of hedonism, your turn now. Loneliness is a warm club)
04 XX teens : Darlin (Andy weatherhall rmx)
(But if you want to persevere, you can go on dancing. Some of you will remember that weatherhall was the man behind one of our true first dancing experience)
05 Hot Chip : Shake a fist
06 The Fiery furnaces : The philadelphia grand jury
(I usually avoid playing the same artist twice, i think i never played the same one during two consecutive shows. So what's happening. IT IS MY PLEASURE, i love the fiery furnaces new Lp)
07 Alfred Panou : Je suis un sauvage
(What does Alfred is trying to tell us. Is he a savage or is he trying to tell us he wants to be the idiot)
08 Nancy Holloway : Hurt so bad
(I tried real hard, "My pleasure", i finally found it)
09 The inner space : Kamera song
10 Sergio Mendes and Brazil 66 : For what it's worth
(Will somebody be able to tell me ?)
11 Caetano Veloso : Billy Jean
(Golden voice, golden song, end of the game. Now i'm going to eat and drink. My pleasure)
Is it because i'm more and more interested in eating rather than reading rock critics that i do read and listen with a real joy to gastronomical critics ?
Anyway the following website is a real gem, unfortunately only for french speaking people.
I love the way Francois Simon speaks about food, the way he makes me want to jump on the train and try all the restaurants, the sound of his voice, his "I don't touch it" touch.
Who said delights ?

Kiss caress and more until next time

samedi, octobre 13, 2007


Hello dear listener here is the new Aperitivo radio show.

As usual you can
listen in real player
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01 Annie Girardot : La femme aux faux cils
(Let the Aperitivo team help you, one thing is missing and everything is empty once said the poet)
02 Alberto Baldan Bembo : Kamasutra
(Whatever is the missing thing, salary, a new pair of sport shoes, advices for you swing or the loving one, the A team will manage)
03 Blue Phantom : Diodo
(Each case is unique, each case is equally important for us )
04 Supermayer : Two of us
(Need a friend, someone to talk to, someone to love, let the "A" team provide you with the best training)
05 Black devil disco club : "H" friend
(Time for the physical training, dance till you lose breath, and your sweat will eliminate all your toxins)
07 The fiery furnaces : Ex-guru
(Now that your body is ready, it is time for your brain)
08 Yatch : See a penny (pick it up)
(Self confidence is the aim, you must believe)
09 Planningtorock : I wanna bite ya
(Body and brain are now well prepared, repeat this mantra, no more loosers, no more loosers)
10 Dan le Sac vs Scroobius pip : Thou shalt always kill
(Everything is ready, for you not to behave like a machine, you need some poetry, some uncertainty )
11 Christine Perfect : When you say
(Now you will find love and tenderness, but carefull do not buy a dog)
12 John Cale : I keep a close watch
(Thank you A team, this is another success)

Drawing is the work of the extraordinay Glen Baxter

Kiss caress and more until next time


By Request the two Cine aperitivo have been re uploaded, enjoy dears.

Listen in real player

1 Piero Piccioni : Strano Mercoledi (Appassionata : 1974)
2 Jerry Goldsmith : Flint is alive (In like Flint : 1967)
3 Piero Umiliani : Main theme (5 Bambole per la luna d'agosto : 1971)
4 Ennio Morricone : Allegretto per signora (Le foto prohibite di una signora per bene : 1970)
5 Philippe sarde : Theme 1 (les choses de la vie : 1970)
6 Antoine Duhamel : Ferdinand (Pierrot le fou : 1965)
7 Serge Gainsbourg / Jean Claude Vannier : La horse (La horse : 1970)
8 Burt Bacharach : South american gateway (Butch cassidy et le kid : 1969)
9 Krystof Komeda : Lullaby (Rosemary's baby : 1968 )
10 Burt Bacharach : South american gateway (Butch cassidy et le kid : 1969)
11 Piero Piccioni : LSD red hot (Colpo rovente : 1970 )
12 Bernard Hermann : Main theme (vertigo : 1958)
13 Quincy Jones : Snow creatures (Dollar : 1971)
14 RZA : Theme vocal (Ghost dog : 1999)
15 Francois de Roubaix : Judo (L'homme orchestre : 1970)
16 John Carpenter : Main theme (Assault on preccinct 13 : 1976)
17 Domenic Frontier : theme for the champions (On any sunday : 1971)
18 Hugo Montenegro : Lady in cement (lady in cement : 1968)
19 Quincy Jones : Main theme version 1 (The deadly affaire : 1966)
20 Gianni Ferrio : Valentina tra la folla (la morte accarezza a mezzanotte : 1973)
21 Philippe Sarde : Theme 2 (Les choses de la vie : 1970)
22 John Barry : Here comes Nancy now (The knack : 1965)
23 Michel Legrand : Cash and carry (l'affaire Thomas Crown : 1968)
24 Ennio Morriconne : Ritratto d'autore (la donne invisibile : 1969)
25 Bernard Hermann : Final (North by northwest : 1959)
26 Philippe Sarde : la chanson d'helene (les choses de la vie : 1970)

Listen in real player

01 Vladimir Cosma : cine du dimanche soir
02 Bernard Hermann : prelude (Mysterious island – 1960)
03 Lalo Schiffrin : the liquidator title (The Liquidator -1965)
04 Piero Picioni : Main title (Puppet on a chain – 1970)
05 Duddley Moore : Main theme (Beddazled – 1968)
06 Jim Helms : Caine's theme (Kung Fu – 1973)
07 Franco Miccalizi : Mara's theme (Laura - 1976)
08 Stelvio Cipriani : la polizia ha le mani legate (la polizia ha le mani legate - 1975)
09 Ennio Morricone & la cicciolina : Cavallina a cavallo (Dedicato al mare egeo – 1979)
10 Elmer Bernstein : Clark street (The man with the golden arm - 1955)
11 Riz Ortolani : Una sull altra (Una sull altra – 1969)
12 Alex North : Love theme from Spartacus (Spartacus - 1960)
13 Riz Ortolani : M1 Main title (Cosi dolce cosi pervesa - 1969)
14 Bernard Hermann : The twisted nerve (Twisted nerve – 1968)
15 Terry Randazo : Shall we gather at the boat dock (The girl from Uncle - 1966)
16 Piero Picioni: Ascott dream (fumo di londra - 1966)
17 Henri Mancini : Theme (The thief who came to dinner – 1975)
18 Goblin : Zombi ( Zombie – 1983)
19 David Shire : Theme from the conversation (The conversation – 1974)
20 Bruno Nicolai : Magico incontro ( Tutti i colori del buio- 1972)
21 JJ Johnson : Willie escapes (Willie dynamite – 1974)
22 Vladimir Cosma : generique (L'aile ou la cuisse – 1976)

KIss caress and more until next time

mercredi, octobre 10, 2007


Hello dear listener, here is the new Aperitivo radio show.
This is a man dedicated one, for women only.

As usual you can
listen in real player
download in MP3.

01 Rodolphe Burger & Olivier Cadiot : Je nage
(In each of us there is a robert mitchum sleeping)
02 The Salambos : Salambo
(In each of us there is a Lauren Bacall sleeping, we are all stars of our own)
03 The slits : I heard it through the grapevine
(Because it is sunny, you surely prefer lying down a beach on a pacific island wearing a swimming suit or let you're body floating on the water)
04 Tom Tom club : Wordy rappinghood
(Is your body covered with oil, do you leave marks in your wake)
05 Von sudenfed : Fledermaus can't get it
(Careful dears, being oiled on the beach means sand sticking to your body)
06 Lisa carbon trio : party
(Don't sunbather on the beach towel, let's take a shower or enjoy a natural peeling)
07 Hypo : New world menuet
(be strong, be a man, be the guy you are Robert Mitchum for god's sake, hey good looking boy, let's dance the menuet)
08 SuperMadrigal brothers : sunshine superman
(Good, good boy, that's it you are now in the body of robert)
09 Midisport : florianopoly
(But now, even if you are classy boy you don't manage a lot)
10 The M&S band : Egg roll
(Now you are coming back, alone and a bit drunk, to your cabin at the holyday village, be seeing you)
11 Brian auger : Tiger
(Before going to bed let's have aspirin and a gargling, ok you were Robert Mitchum, you were wild, but now you are just tired)
12 Boniwell music machine : Astrologically incomptatible
(Tomorow you will try the merengue)
13 Graham gouldman : Bus stop
(Now pennyless, no cab, but the bus back home)
14 Hugo Montenegro : Tony's theme
15 Michel Legrand : jerk les avigon
15 Julian Cope : Robert Mitchum

Last week i talked about my summer listenings, but i also brought some homework during holydays. I had the pleasure being invited by Henri Cording doing a mix for his show "Les mixtapes de mes amis" on CISM radio.
It is with a real pleasure that i made this "I bought a tape at the gas station", listen

Kiss caress and more until next time