jeudi, décembre 12, 2013

BRUME 30th anniversary.

Part of Radio Brume 30th anniversary events, The Aperitivo radio show will come back live for a one off special. Feel free to come and share the event with us at Radio Brume studio, friday, december 20th . The show will be broadcasted live from 20.30 pm to 21.30 pm.
You will be able to listen it live using the live stream as well

Happy birthday Brume

lundi, novembre 04, 2013



Moondog, one hour around, inside, about Moondog. Audio documentary broadcasted on France Culture.

dimanche, septembre 22, 2013

Was it supposed to turn into a Ramona fan page. NO it was'nt, definitely not. Still it isn't. But...

... But what can i do listening to these new songs ? I need to share them don't you think ? Listen to that song it is worth the couple of minutes. This man is gifted.

vendredi, janvier 25, 2013

Back in Cordova's

It was 2006, ages ago, the show was still on the air, at the time i had faith in it, or more honestly, wasn't bored with it.
Back then, i heard Ramona Cordova and was smashed by his voice and songs. I even went listening him Live on the Sonic boat.
Guess what!

Yes, he is back, and he is still THAT GOOD.

mercredi, janvier 23, 2013