vendredi, décembre 25, 2009

Two bodies as one animal

Picture is the work of julien pacaud

Hello dear listeners, after a trip in flue land, a rather awfull stay at the famous H1N1 mansion the show is back on the air.

As usual you can

01 Ennio Morricone : Strano collage da camera
02 Jean Kassapian : The snake
03 Ennio Morricone : Nascosta nell'ombra
04 Vangelis : Stuffed tomato
05 Les Baxter : Prelude in E
06 Lindstrom : Little drummer boy
07 Felix Kubin : Ich traüme nur in super 8
08 Big Cherry : Come in bonzo
09 Dolly Mixture : Been teen
10 Yoko Ono Plastic Ono band : Ask the elephant
11 The freak scene : Dance for me
12 Freddie Mc Coy : Gimme some
13 Collage : Mets neidude vahel (Aperitivo drum machine mix)
14 The Peddlers : Tell the world we're not in
14 Brooke Boothby : Tomorrow Tamara

Kiss caress and more until next time