samedi, mai 31, 2008


Our team of experts at work

Hello dear listeners, here is the new Aperitivo radio show. For those who feel guilty, who have faulted.

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01 Jacques Loussier : Jerk
(Last night you went dancing instead of staying home to do your homework, this is bad, real bad. Job isn't done your fault, do you need an alilbi ?)
02 The junkyard band : The word
(We are kindly listening to your troubling consscience, just tell us and we will organize the best alibi)
03 Incredible bongo band : bongo rock
(Didn't your mum tell you that you, you can't say yes to everything, temptation, temptation dear. The Aperitivo alibi service will let you say yes)
04 Wiley : Wot you call it
(Thanks to Aperitivo you will be able to relieve your conscience for a ridiculous amount)
05 Komatrohn : Databit
(Didn't go to the office today, cheat with your wife, these issues are our true expertise)
06 Glass Candy : Beatific
(Because from 19 to 21 your boss organize an important meeting and that tonight you had a date, Aperitivo will call you on your mobile at 18H50 to give you the perfect excuse)
07 Friendly : Nobody
(Aperitivo agency 100% successfull, 100 % satisfied customers)
08 Pylon : Driving school
09 Prince vs Andrew Poppy : 32 frames for Prince
(Now that you are able to escape this essential meeting, run, run to your date)
10 Sore : Pergi tanpa pesan
(You are late but nothing is lost, wait makes desire stronger)
11 Nicole Willis and the soul investigators : Perfect kind of love
(Aperitivo services, the YES power for 155 Euros gross amount)
12 Nina Simone : Cherish
(Radical subjectivity is our force)

Kiss caress and more until next time

mardi, mai 20, 2008


Drawing is the work of the hilarious Glen Baxter

Hello dear listeners, Lost in the supermarket is the new Aperitivo Radio Show.

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01 Franco Micalizzi : Sacramento I
(This is it, there is no way to escape, we are saturday, time for your weekly punishment)
02 Quickspace : The precious mountain
(Facing danger, a man alone in front of himself, his inner fears, this is what will happen on the road to the supermarket)
03 Dan le sac & Scoobius pip : Beat that my heart skipped
(Food shopping is on its way, a true adventure on that very particular journey to the center of human habits)
04 Duchess says : Tennen non neu
(The first part of your journey is over, you are about to enter the doors of perceptions)
05 Padded Cell : Konkorde lafayette
(Now that you are in, you can put your sunglasses back in your bag, you saw the truth, this is the real fight)
06 Jessie Evans : Scientist of love
(Did you practice the Charles Bronson 's glance technic)
07 Blossom Dearie : Long daddy green
(Lost between sophisticated packaging, you will have to be strong enough not to yield temptation, did you comply to our training advices)
08 Marva Whitney : Things got to get better (get together)
(method, harshness, suppleness from the knees and the wrist, these are elements of our special training)
09 Tahity boy and the palmtree family : When i speak
(Lost in the supermarket deep throat, you will emerge from your cataleptic fit at the sound of my voice)
10 : Deep six : What you wish from the golden fish
(Ready, now emerge)

This is the work of Etienne Charry

Kiss caress and more until next time

mardi, mai 13, 2008


I grew up in the wonderfull town of Rennes (France - Brittany) during the 80's.
How old is the captain ?

With friends, girls, the other important part of my life was, like a lot of young boys of my age, music.
There was a very special place in Rennes, one that helped building the human being who hides behind the Mr Aperitivo fantasy, Rennes Musique, my favourite record shop.
I remember going there almost every saturday at the begining of the afternoon (new records arrivals were on saturday)
I remember that one man at Rennes musiques' used to keep each new Sarah records release out of the crates just for me, i was mad about them.
I remember that i pretend not being able to speak german at my A level exams just because i wanted to buy the one and only copy of The monochrome set 's Strange boutique, even if i was real bad at german.
How old is the captain, carefull it is tricky, it was a re-release.
I remember that each christmas and summer holydays, while visiting my family, i went to the shop to buy a full bag of records, my pilgrimage.

It WAS a very special place to me, i say was because since the 05th april there is no shop anymore. Music crisis indeed.

I will never be able to pay my duty to the work the blokes achieved, thank you so much.

dimanche, mai 11, 2008


Hello dear listener, here is the new aperitivo radio show, for those who wants to know more, a lot more about their future.

A usual you can
listen in real player
download in MP3

(If you are eager to know what future will give you, Aperitivo radio wish you a fantastic hour )
02 The Knife : Heartbeats (planningtorock rmx)
(Now that you have decided to take your own life into serious matters, you are about to explore new territories )

03 ???? : 32 frames for prince (dirty edits)
(Being anxious about what is to be next, Aperitivo will give you an helping hand with our team of international masters)
04 Kap Bambino : Save
(He's coming, he's arriving, i can see him)
05 Dat Politics : Daddy long leg
(Our tarot master is here, prepare yourself for something new)
06 The Chap : Carlos Walter Wendy Stanley
(Once sat in front of him, with good psychic, if your mind is open enough, past present and future are open pages )
07 Metronomy : My heart rate rapid
(We are running in circle, we are making no improvment with a maximum effort)
08 Silver Apples : I have known love
(Love is a major arcane)
09 Evariste : Connais tu l'animal qui inventa le calcul intégral
(Integral calculous is a minor arcane)
10 Mor Thiam : Ayo ayo nene
(Now that you believe, there will be no more shut doors)
11 Devil's anvil : Karkadon
(Our world is a world of make believe)
12 Sixto Rodriguez : Sugarman
(Was it a will for knowledge or a need for psycho analysis)
13 The Pale Fountains : There's always something on my mind.

Kiss caress and more until next time