dimanche, mai 11, 2008


Hello dear listener, here is the new aperitivo radio show, for those who wants to know more, a lot more about their future.

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(If you are eager to know what future will give you, Aperitivo radio wish you a fantastic hour )
02 The Knife : Heartbeats (planningtorock rmx)
(Now that you have decided to take your own life into serious matters, you are about to explore new territories )

03 ???? : 32 frames for prince (dirty edits)
(Being anxious about what is to be next, Aperitivo will give you an helping hand with our team of international masters)
04 Kap Bambino : Save
(He's coming, he's arriving, i can see him)
05 Dat Politics : Daddy long leg
(Our tarot master is here, prepare yourself for something new)
06 The Chap : Carlos Walter Wendy Stanley
(Once sat in front of him, with good psychic, if your mind is open enough, past present and future are open pages )
07 Metronomy : My heart rate rapid
(We are running in circle, we are making no improvment with a maximum effort)
08 Silver Apples : I have known love
(Love is a major arcane)
09 Evariste : Connais tu l'animal qui inventa le calcul intégral
(Integral calculous is a minor arcane)
10 Mor Thiam : Ayo ayo nene
(Now that you believe, there will be no more shut doors)
11 Devil's anvil : Karkadon
(Our world is a world of make believe)
12 Sixto Rodriguez : Sugarman
(Was it a will for knowledge or a need for psycho analysis)
13 The Pale Fountains : There's always something on my mind.

Kiss caress and more until next time

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