mercredi, décembre 20, 2006


Can i leave you like that, no way.
Here is just for your listening pleasure, to bring joy to the world, el magnifico El VEZ.

El Vez : Brown christmas
El Vez : Feliz navi-nada

Look what a great showman he is

Merry christmas & Happy new year.

mardi, décembre 19, 2006


What does that mean ?
Just some holydays, staring at the sea in Brittany. Isn't that romantic darlings ?
The show will be back friday january the 22th.

Merry christmas and happy new year to you all.

Kiss, caress and more until next year.

Truly yours


vendredi, décembre 08, 2006


Hello dear listener, here is the new Aperitivo radio show, this week let's make a dangerous experiment, do you want to try to work. Tonight we will try the life of a salary man/girl, a true worker.

As usual you can
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01 Stelvio Cipriani : La polizia a guardare
(Warning : this show was made with real stuntmen, if you want to try this at home, don't say you were not warned)
02 ESG : the beat
(Working is a matter of rythm, you must find the beat, the separation beat)
03 Minimal compact : Statik dancin
(Work is exactly what it is sang, a dance, a dance without movement)
04 Goodbooks : Leni (Crystal castles remix)
(Once more the Crystal Castles are doing a great remix job out of a boring song, what is their secret ?)
05 Kap bambino : Save
(We started a number of 1000 and ended 10. Means that 990 died during the experiment, don't forget, working is dangerous)
06 Germlin : Death pixel
(We started a number of 1000 and ended 10. Now you've got real trouble with the the working health agency)
07 O. Lamm : The Macguffin
(So what the coroner found about our dead stuntmen is jelly, just jelly, to much work transformed them into jelly)
08 Jimi Tenor : Total devastation
(Is work a totally organized concept, or is it chaos ?)
09 Nicole Willis and the soul investigators : Invisible man
(Is work chaos, a fractal concept ?)
10 Bajka : The only religion that i believe
(The marxist theory says that lumpen proletariat is the reserve of the Kapital)
11 Karen Dalton : Something on your mind
(The anarchist theory tells that the lumpen proletariat is the compost of the revolution)
12 Jonathan Richman : Down in Bermuda
(Where is the practice, where is the theory, are you still working ? Did you find your own carrots as your own sticks ?)

Kiss caress and more until next time

vendredi, décembre 01, 2006


Hello dear listener, here is the new aperitivo radio show. Tonight we will try to answer to the essential question.

Can dialectic breaks bricks ?

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01 <>Erasmo Carlos : Agora minguem chora mais
02 <>Georges De Gaffieri : Sado Maso
03 <>The Blow : Pile of God
04 <>Jab mica och el : Biochjelm light speed
05 <>Bobby birdman : I will com again (Yacht remix)
06 <>O.Lamm : Open malice
07 <>Four Tet with Princess Waterm : Go go ninja dinausor
08 <>Bill Cosby : Funky north Philadelphia
09 <>Paul Mauriat : You keep me hangin on
10 <>Blossom Dearie : Long daddy green
11 <>Astrud Gilberto : Beginnings

Kiss caress and more until next time

dimanche, novembre 26, 2006


Hello dear listener, here is the new Aperitivo radio show.
I hate Rock n roll i only like the hunting horn, can we have another proper instrument for hunting course.

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01 Brian Auger : Tiger
02 Raygun : Le mobilier
03 Hollertronix : Mike Jones Vs Britney Spears Tippin toxic
04 OOiOO : UMO
05 Comic book fever Vs Crystal Castles : Tv babies
06 Magyar Posse : Popzag
07 Lefties soul connection : Organ donor
08 Selda : Utan utan
09 Grand Union : Jane jane
10 The Tammys : Egyptian shumba
11 The sonics headcotees : Have love psycho (aperitivo mix)
12 The peddlers : On a clear day
13 Andy Bey : River man

Kiss, caress and more until next time

dimanche, novembre 12, 2006


Hello dear listeners, there is no show this week. Unfortunately the radio's broadcast desk was out of order.
More to come next week.
By the way, for those of you living in or near Lyon, don't forget Brian Auger concert, friday 17th november at La marquise. See you there.

Brian Auger, Julie Driscoll & the trinity at the beat Club, 1969


And something i first saw at Brian Auger's website.

Brian Auger, Julie Driscoll & Micky Dolenz


vendredi, novembre 03, 2006


Hello dear listener, here is the new Aperitivo radio show.
Tonight Aperitivo will open its first matrimonial agency, no alone boys and girls during this winter.

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01 Ray Baretto : Miss kiss kiss bang bang
02 Jorge Ben : Ponta de lanca africano
03 Michel Legrand : 14 juillet 70
04 Momus : Moop bears
05 Original Hamster : Human replace
06 Eat Rabbit : Danser le jerk
07 Soulwax : NY excuse (Justice rmx)
08 Cypress Hill : What's your number
09 Billy Childish & Holly Golightly : Move on up
10 Mister President : Gimme some time
11 Spanky Wilson & the quantic soul orchestra : A woman like me
12 Ruthan Friedman : Carry on

Kiss caress and more until next time

dimanche, octobre 29, 2006


Hello dear listener, here is the new Aperitivo radio show. Tonight Aperitivo celebrate the indian summer with one of his wonderfull Dejeuner sur l'herbe.

You can
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download in MP3

01 Kahuna Kawentzmann : Gogo sitar
(For this indian summer if you don't know what to do with your 2 arms and 10 fingers, just come on join aperitivo for a typical dejeuner sur l'herbe)
02 Pastel Vespa : L'anarchie dans l'UK
(For our garden party, our friend vespa will be responsible for the singing unit, she told us she was good at singing)
03 Takako Minekawa : 1.666666 (remix by Sukia)
(So we've got music, we now need refreshing amuse bouche, something made of fish, Takako will teach us the wonderfull art of sushi)
04 Run DMC : It's tricky
(Once the children will stop singing with vespa, will need an enourmous ghettoblaster to spread music all over the place)
05 Teriyaki Boyz : Heartbreaker
06 Lady Sovereign : Random (Ghislain Poirier mix)
(Now let's put everything on random mode, we need to improvise)
07 The Mindset : Get set
(For our "Déjeuner sur l'herbe" to be a complete succes, we need boys in suit and girls ready to lay on a plaid)
08 Puss : Master & slave
09 Wiley : Wot do u call it
(No, no, no you're wrong we are not setting the place for shooting a porno movie, who said that ?)
10 John Barry : Highway 101
(We are just having fun time during the indian summer)
11 Unit 4 + 2 : Concrete and clay
(Will somebody be good enough to refresh the wine in the river)
12 Greyhound : Move on up
13 Nico : Strip tease
(All right, now let's change the rules, the girls will wear suits, the boys will lay on a plaid )

Kiss caress and more until next time

vendredi, octobre 20, 2006


this picture is the work of Ans Van Der Vleuten

Hello dear listener
Here is the new aperitivo radio show, tonight Aperitivo urge you to join, to build a new world, a cosmic colony.

As usual you can
listen in real player
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01 Ennio Morricone : Passaporto per l'allegria
(The one that do not believe anymore in Chaman, Mahaarishi, marabout. The one that tried them all, he will find his way here, thanks to Aperitivo, do believe in Aperitivo)
Herman Düne : I wish that i could see you soon
(Because they tried all, even "the republic of ideas", some girls , some boys are waiting for a man to get up, a man to raise a new society)
03 Althea and Donna : Up town top rankin
(Come on let's join this Aperitivo's new world society, you will jump on our brand new starship to raise our interstellar republic)
04 The human beinz : Nobody but me (Pilooski edit)
(One asked one day if human race was bound to be saved, heard that one was once killed for our sins)
05 Death from above 1979 : Blood on our Hands (justice rmx)
(May you live long and prosper, will be printed on your shirt)
06 Felix Kubin & Coolhaven : There is a garden
(Aperitivo and its interstellar republic colony, are a bit like the sound of music, somewhere over the rainbow)
07 Niobe : Drei zinnen
(If they only were three)
08 Frankie Valli : Begin (pilooski edit)
(Our mission is to build a true hedonist society)
09 Carleen and the groovers : Can we rap
(What will our outta space colony be like. Will Monsieur Aperitivo be its faithfull guide, he surely will pronounced weddings)
10 Chico Buarque & Ennio Morricone : Agora Falando Serio
(To be honest, last night Monsieur Aperitivo saw "Moonraker", its orbital station will be his garden)
11 Y Pants : Off the hook
(This is all over, it was some kind of a new Captain Nemo story)
12 John Cale : Paris 1919

this picture is the work of Ans Van Der Vleuten

Kiss caress and more until next time

vendredi, octobre 13, 2006


Hello dear listener. Here is the new Aperitivo radio show.
Last week no online show, just the live one, because i totaly fucked up the recording, sorry fellows, but we are back, you now can give up drugs.

Tonight Aperitivo will play one of Georges Perec's Game, let's play the "I remember".

As usual you can
listen in real player
download in MP3.

01 Gian Piero Reverberi : Malizie di venere
(You must practice your memory capacities. It is said that if memories aren't remembered from time to time, they disappear)
02 Bonde do role : Funk da esfiha
(One also said that unusued memory cells commit suicide)
03 Headman : Everybody
(I remember that i never followed any headman, but did mandatory military service. Yes i'm of the age when military service was mandatory. How old am i ?)
04 Munk : Kick out the chairs
(I remember that i once went to primary school wearing my slippers)
05 Eggstone : Still all stands still
(I remember, six years ago, interviewing the band eggstone in the radio studio, talking about kung fu, my kung fu is better than your kung fu)
06 Armando Trovajoli : Decisione
(i remember my children were born on the 8th february and 16th august)
07 Tunng : Tale from black
(I remember Georges Perec's goatee and his haircut)
08 The village callers : Mississipi delta
(I remember that in fact my kung fu was damn bad)
09 Lee Hazlewood : You look like a lady
(I remember that i went to a judo club, but gave up because the floor picked my feet)
10 Silver apples : I have known love
(I remember that the doctor Spock was once candidate with the presidency of the United States)
11 Suicide : Rocket Usa
(I remember that i had difficulties with suicide, because unlike our memory cells, their music never completly explodes)
12 Todd Rundgren : I saw the light

Kiss caress and more until next time

lundi, octobre 02, 2006


Pete Dello "Into your ears" re release (2006) Hanky panky records

That was 13 years ago, I was just coming back from the record shop with a friend of mine, i had bought "Liberation", the 2nd Divine comedy's Lp, he made his mind for Pete Dello. In my small flat, we were drinking tea, listening to our new records. I taped his record, he taped mine.
I remember that Chet baker's "It could happen to you" was on its B-side , and that one day the tape crashed. Of course i easily find back the Chet Baker but the Pete Dello Lp was definitly lost. I just find a re release and the memories i had of it were right, this Lp is like a bed of cotton, smooth, full of the autumn warmth. This is a perfect sunday morning record.
Listen to "It's the way"

Philippe Garnier "Les coins coupés " (2001) Grasset

Reading this one is a great moment. Not an anthology of his writings for the french magazine "Rock n Folk" but some kind of a novel, out of his experience as a crate digger, record seller and journalist. Real fun, with a distance from the music matter, i mean that he is not directly writing about music, even if he only is.
Some translated pages for our non french reading friends.

Magyar Posse "Random Avenger" (2006) Verdura records

I listen to this Lp every night, after a hard working day, when kids are sleeping. A touch of Ennio Morricone, a slice of Goblin and some Mogwai spices (i don't know a thing about Mogwai, just saw them live years ago, but this is how i imagine their sound). As i've always been into soundtracks, this Lp sounds perfect to me.

Listen to "Popzag"

Harry G Frankfurt "De l'art de dire des conneries - On Bullshit" Ed 2006 10/18

An essay on bullshit.
On Bullshit, that is the all Aperitivo stuff dear.
Aperitivo could have been the Ana O. of Mr Frankfurt.

I'm old fashioned, go to your record or book store and kiss your favourite seller.

vendredi, septembre 29, 2006


Hello dear listener. Here is the new Aperitivo radio show. Tonight let's make a trip thanks to the good Doctor Aperitivo's magic pill.

As usual you can
listen in real player
download in Mp3.

01 Messieurs Richard de Bordeaux & Daniel Beretta : Psychose
(Relax and listen to the voice of the good doctor Aperitivo, we are working on an better futur for me & you)
02 The Sonics Headcotees : Have love psycho (Aperitivo pill mix)
(First part of our trip to the center of yourself, you 've got to sweat all your bad toxine)
03 13th floor elevator : You're gonna miss me
(Doctor aperitivo is on the way to the clinic for his appointment with Rocky Erickson and Sky Saxon, obviously we will talk about pills and space)
04 My robot friend & Anthony : One more try
(Don't do this at home kids, this show was made with well trained stuntman, you may damaged your health)
05 Satanicpornocultshop : Porque te vas
(This song is a therapy. Anyway it is one of the good doctor Aperitvo all time favourite )
06 Freakplasma : Punk it
(The more excited you are the quicker our drugs will take possession of your brain)
07 Dat Politics : Dizzy zip
(To be completly relax, one must first experience disorder)
08 Nino Ferrer & Radiah : Moses
(We made flowers grow, then we put them in bottles and wait 2 weeks for the drink to be ready, help yourself)
09 Gal Costa : Relance
(In order to find the perfect balance between the effect of relaxation and extra perception, our good doctor find help in the personn of raafi sckifd the famous chaman)
10 Helene Smith : You got to be a man
(listen son)
11 Penny Goodwin : Lady day & John Colrane
(Let me introduce our oldest customers)
12 World domination enterprise : Funkytown
(Thanks to our lovely donators, the Aperitivo center will be able to grow and build a new building, the funkytown area )
13 Alan Vega : Speedway
(So kids do you see what drugs can do whithout following the doctor good advice)

Here is our own Castaneda because we couldn't find Carlos

Kiss caress and more until next time

vendredi, septembre 22, 2006


UPDATE : Unfortunately the files (both real player and MP3) aren't complete, the recording stoped during the Duddley Perkins song. Sorry about that, i don't know what happened. I also uploaded another MP3 file, because the first one was corrupted (a mess of this show and the previous one).Sorry dears. I will play the Anne Laplantine and another Gangpol und mit songs in a future show. Truly yours

Monsieur Aperitivo

Hello dear listener, here is the new Aperitivo radio show.

Tonight we will have to face the untold reality, the lack of physical love.

As usual you can
listen in real player
download in real player.

01 Salt : Hung up
(It is a mater of time, there is the working time, the domestic time, the social time, the Tv time, the sleeping time, hey there is only 24 hours a day, where can we find a minute for the love time.)
02 Grand Union : Morning brings the light
(Morning brings the light, night the darkness, so let's do it during the day )
03 Liz Damon's orient express : 1900 Yesterday
(Let's make it clear, this is not adultery, this is hygienics in a way, there are physical needs as there are psychologicals ones )
04 o.lamm : The mac guffin
(October 30 2006 will see the release of the lp of that perfect french stallion, and it is a great one, just keep an eye on Active suspension release)
05 Chrome Hoof : Tonyte
(Do you want to join the Aperitivo's love stallion incorporated. You will have to follow our guide and respect some extremly precise rules. employment meeting at 2 pm in front of the town hall)
06 Liquid liquid : Optimo
(In a while our company will be to the social security system)
07 April March : Laisse tomber les filles
(Give up girls, lover, no i mean don't totally give up, but do something important with your gifts, join)
08 Nathan Michel : atob
(We've got the idea, the concept, we now need a place to do our business, a place for you)
09 Duddley Perkins : Momma
(husbands, lovers don't get upset, you know this place exist, but you'll never know your wife camler to visit us, we are the most discreet)
10 Teddybears Sthlm & Mad Cobra : Cobrastyle
(Aperitivo's stallion company is ISO 9001)
11 Gangpol und mit : Quand vous travaillez avec votre pc à la maison, gagnez l'argent sans une risque? Ce n'est pas une plaisanterie
(Finally isn't this love thing just a matter of balance between different kind of times)
12 Anne laplantine : Spring won't find us

Kiss caress and more until next time

vendredi, septembre 15, 2006


Hello dear listener, here is the new Aperitivo radio show.
Tonight Aperitivo is trying to answer to one of the most important question in the all rock'n'roll History.
What kind of shoes are you ?

As usual you can
listen in real player
download in MP3

01 Allesandro Alessandroni : Spiagge Azzurre
(Italy, ah Italy, Milano the kingdom of the shoe, I will have to go back there to find out where all the beautyfull old shoes are going to die peacefully, the old shoe cemetery)
02 Vivien Goldman : Launderette
(Do some of you remember that the end of the 70's were a real shoe extravaganza)
03 Glass Candy : Sugar and whitebread
(I'd like a nice pair of escarpin to look like Debbie Harry)
04 Comic book fever Vs Crystal Castles : TV babies
(In comic books, super heroes are always wearing boots, like in a gay Sader Masoch book, are all super heroes comic books writers fetishist)
05 Satanicpornocultshop : Get ur freak on
(The Beatles were Anello & Davide, The Ramones were Converse, I'd like a pair of Ratles please, oh dear what shoes were the beach boys ? )
06 Herbert : Moving like a rain
(Dancing shoes or dancing barefoot ?)
07 Dana and Sirius Mo : Immer wieder
(Ach, German quality, do germans manufactured their shoes like their cars ? I had english, french or italian shoes but never had any german, i'm wandering what kind of germans one could i wear ? Any helping answer to build the european shoe community?)
08 Zongamin Vs Dizzee Rascal : Stand up tall Vs Bongo song
(Someone said ant music for ant people, should i say bouncing shoes for bouncing people)
09 Magyar Posse : Whirlpool of terror and tension
(Murderers in giallo always wear black leather shoes,shoes for a perfect terror and tension walk)
10 Thee, Stranded Horse : Sharpened suede
(I really love this man's music, you've got to buy his 7" go there)
Pere Ubu : Non alignment pact
(Do you believe it, i didn't play it on purpose, today was the non alignment pact meeting, what a laugh had my shoes)

Kiss, caress and more until next time

Monsieur Aperitivo

mercredi, septembre 06, 2006


What happened during holydays, i had a few bottles of excellent red wine (especially a marvellous côtes du rhône that had such an extraordinary mineral taste), a lot of barbecue parties in the garden, listened a lot to Nino Ferrer's "Nino and Radiah" and Sylvain Vanot's "il fait soleil", went regularly to the swimming pool with my son, read novels, music books, comics or diary lying down a relax chair (David Peace "1980", Cesare Pavese "The business of living", Lester Bangs "Mainline, blood feasts and bad taste", Baru "L'enragé", Joan Sfar & Tanquerelle " Professeur Bell vol . 5"...), found again the almost virgin prunes picture and sent it to my friend Le Chez, watched nearly all Stanley Donen 60's movies and most of all, had a new daughter baby.

So my dear listeners, here we are, almost the end of vacations, the show will be back on september the 15th, live on radio brume 90.7 Mhz (Lyon - France) from 20 to 21.00 each friday, online each saturday.

Truly yours

Monsieur Aperitivo

dimanche, juillet 30, 2006


Dear listener

Aperitivo radio show is on vacation, not permanent but long and good enough.

The show will be back on september.

Have a nice Holiday time

Monsieur Aperitivo

vendredi, juillet 14, 2006


Hello dear listener, here is the new aperitivo radio show.
This week aperitivo would like to welcome in its new phalanstery .

As usual you can
listen in real player
download in MP3.

01 Butthole surfers : Hurdy gurdy man
(Welcome in our new Aperitivo phalanstery, Monsieur Aperitivo is its administrator, and you will have to vote at the end of the show for him to continue on his duty )
02 Bob log III : Boob scotch
(Be carefull the weather is moist, and scotch is not good for your internal temperature)
03 The dirtbombs : Underdog
(Wait a minute, there is no underdog here, one man one voice this is the rule)
04 Charlie O : The president
(So here we are, this is the question, who will be our next president)
05 Luigee Trademarq : Danse du goumi
(While parents are voting, childen are dancing in our summerhill school alike )
06 Magas : Easy to please
(As the weather is moist the phalanstery will have to vote the budget to build a swimming pool)
07 Crystal castles : Alice practice
(Join us at 17.00 in the free speech area where our best scientists will discuss about the raising of a new civilization)
08 Modeselektor Ft TTC : Dancing box
(Mens sane in corpore sano, so dancing is for your body, and aperitivo is for your spirit)
09 Uffie : In charge
10 Jake thackray : La di da
(Let me introduce you our new vaudeville teacher another grand Jake)
11 Aidan Smith : Song for Manchester
(Did Manchester had its own phalanstery, that wasn't the Hacienda for sure)
12 Fred Neil : The dolphins
(We the people just decided to give the phalanstery a name "The Dolphins", thank you Fred)

Kiss caress and more until next time

vendredi, juillet 07, 2006


Hello dear listener, here is the new aperitivo radio show. Last time we took care of your body, this time let's make your spirit clear.

As usual you can
listen in real player
download in MP3

01 Dom Salvador e Abolicao : Uma Vida
(Tonight we are going to build a new spirituality, a spirituality of life, love, and respect of Aperitivo)
02 Sunshine Company : I just want to be your friend
(Monsieur Aperitivo is your friend, you can join the team for a net amount of 8156 EUR)
03 Blossom Dearie : Unpack your adjectives
(Children are customers, so Aperitivo radio show is also a child programm, so they will be able to ask their parents for money, good money)
04 Breakwater : Release the beast
(To become the ideal holiday friend, let's begin to release the beast in you, just enter our special releasing machine)
05 Dopplebanger : Got it twisted sister (Mobb Deep vs. the rapture)
(We are all brothers and sisters, twisted ones, the aperitivo community is living in harmony)
06 Pro Forma : Cracked machine
(We are going to psychedelize their anaemic dreams, in order to let them become flowers again)
07 Gwem & the gwemettes : You sold your rock n roll
(Dance, dance till your previous YOU completly disappear)
08 The Politicians : Psycha soula funka delic
(You're listening to me, i'm listening to you, you trust me, i trust you)
09 Abaco dream : Life and death in G&A
(You came to the aperitivo community to see the maharishi, you were dead back then, and now, you feel alive, did you ever feel the same ?)
10 Tc Matic : Putain putain
(Ok you are alive for the fist time, but don't be rude)
11 Dahmane El Harrachi : Ya rayah + Aperitivo drum machine
(Feeling good, feeling in harmony, feeling in love, one day you'll come back to your starting point)
12 The beach boys : I want to pick you up
(What did we use here, a lot of things in -ism, but the most important one is the Beachboyism. To be honest just because i can't resist playing another track from the wonderfull Lp that is "Love you", this is the song The BMX Bandits are trying to pen for so long)

Kiss caress and more until next time

samedi, juillet 01, 2006


Hello dear listener, here is the new aperitivo radio show.

Tonight listening to the show driving your new car to muscle beach, you will listen to our special advices to prepare your body for summer holydays.

As usual you can
listen in real player
download in MP3

01 Hildegard Knef : im 80. stockwerk
(Holydays are coming, you did eat like you always like to during winter. And now, now it is a catastrophy)
02 The Monks : Complication
(As a person living in a big town, most of your time is spent seat at the office, on the subway, or driving, so at the begining of the summer, you know that you've got a lot to do to become the king of muscle beach)
03 Joe Bataan : Subway joe
( The real complications are now, every night after work, you take your car to go to muscle beach, practice a bit. You'd better walk there)
04 Tom Ze : Elaeu
(Now you must eat protein, do you know that the aperitivo's bdy shop can sell you pills ? )
05 Les Georges Leningrad : Supadoopa
(Look, you just stick your supadoopa patch here, you know the one you 've just bought to the aperitivo's men body shop)
06 Raymond Scott : Cindy Electronium
(Another usefull machine is the cindy electronium, the one that makes your muscles work when you are sleeping)
07 Afrika Bambaataa : Planet rock
(Zulu nation don't have to work hard for muscle beach party, they are just Zulu nation, fair enough)
08 Dakar & Grinser : I wanna be your dog
(I've been told that there is a new area at muscle beach, one dedicated to your dogs, one where muscle beach heroes can have fun with their body builders dogs, the world is fantastic)
Echokrank : Tempo
(Don't forget that you're training for the muscle brach party, i said party. For sure muscle is the first part of it, but don't forget to practice your dancing habilities, hully gully, mash potatoes, jerk, pogo.....)
Evie Sands : Take me for a little while
(Just to say that heart is a muscle too, that songs comes from it)
11 P.P. Arnold : To love somebody
(I've always been in a sentimental mood, even "fleur bleue" as we say it)
12 Syd Barrett : Baby Lemonade
13 Pure Horsehair : HD told me
(With those muscles, and that horsehair haircut, here you are, the king of the muscle beach party, at last )

Kiss caress and more until next time

samedi, juin 24, 2006


Hello dear listener.
Here is the new aperitivo radio show, this one is dedicated to the smell
of reality.No poetry, no fantasy, this is for real, straight.

As usual you can
listen in real player
download in MP3.

01 Franco Micalizzi : Affanno
(Let's begin with something real, something that is not for fun, this is
straight, aperitivo is not here for a laugh)
02 Jonathan Richman : I was dancing in the lesbian bar
(Sometimes i say straight and i don't act, i was dancing in the lesbian bar and then the pictures were published on myspace, can't you do something strictly on your own)
03 Pianosaurus : Thriftshoppin'
(Let's talk about reality, don't you think that singing in a band strictly playing with toys is a serious job, ask your mum you'll see what i mean, won't you find a decent job for once)
04 Ma radio star : Jah paradise
(Have you got trouble living in reality, without any poetry : repeat this mantra : future is wonderfull, full of good surprise, future is wonderfull, full of good surprise,future is wonderfull, full of good surprise)
05 Outkast : Behold a lady
(I'm building of future made of joy and happiness, I'm building of future
made of joy and happiness : Are ready to enter the real world ?)

06 Jackson and his computer band : Arpeggio + Man on the moon
(Still trouble, so let's try an unique experiment, radio hypnosis )
07 Satanicpornocultshop : Shoplifter at jusco punk 777!!! mix
(Think this is an attack from an awfull bunch of terrorist trying to give us some poetry, don't listen to them)
08 Phon.o : trick or treat (funkstorungs rmx)
(Peace and tranquility in the land of reality, we still can live in happiness despite the lack of poetry, did you know that man walked on the moon and that is reality, not some kind of foggy dream)
09 Sebastian : Smoking kills
10 Zongamin : Tunnel music
(Access to reality is a tunnel.You are actually leaving the world of fantasy, welcome)
11 Final fantasy : Do you love
(Do we have to understand it as the latest or the definitive)
12 The beach boys : Solar system
(Seriously, this is my favourite band ever, an unusual song listen to that synth)
13 Thee stranded horse : So goes the pulse
(Last week i went to see and hear Ramona Cordova playing, that was tremendous, but the same night i also discovered the music of Thee stranded horse, i was delighted, i really love the 7'' i bought)

Kiss caress and more until next time

samedi, juin 17, 2006


Hello dear listener, this is a broadcast that has got the board validation.
Perfectly following our corporate template.

As usual you can
listen in real player
download in MP3

01 Ramona Cordova : Giver's reply
(Straight after the show, i went to see ramona playing live, it was a great moment. He is a truly unique singer, a kind of american folk Tom Ze, i mean that he is a battery, a small thing full of energy, his Lp is availaible on e-music or through Eca records in the US and clapping music for Europe. You MUST buy it, GO NOW)
02 ESG : Keep on moving
(From project to project our business is doing well, we the consultant from the aperitivo consulting company)
03 Namosh : words
(Words are extremly important, for example you do not solve customer's problem, you adress customers with solution, right !)
04 Friendly : Nobody
(You are working in a team for your partner, you are not working with the team, don't forget)
05 Cry on my console : U can't stand up tall
(You are not a victim, you are a winner)
06 Alton Ellis : Get ready
(Night and day, whatever the time is, you should be ready to go for another project)
07 Barbara Randolph : Got a feeling
(Even if you got the feeling that you'll stay in a crappy hotel for a boring project, but remember rule 04 you are working in a team for your partner)
08 Baroque jazz trio : Dehli Daily
(Developement in a modern company like ours is obviously done in India)
09 Les masques : Il faut tenir
10 Wild Flowers : Impotence
11 John Greaves & Robert Wyatt : Kew Rhone
(You know that Wyatt is one of my all time favourite, wild flowers was his first band, with Kevin Ayers and the Hopper brothers, and David Sinclair who will later be Caravan)

I told you that was Ramona Cordova 's day.

Kiss caress and more until next time

vendredi, juin 09, 2006


Hello dear listener
Here is the new aperitivo radio show, with no slice of sport in it.

A usual, you can
listen in real player
download in MP3

01 Jim Noir : My patch
(Here is our first advice, don't let your child breath sport. If it is too late use this patch)
02 Whitey : Wrap it up
(Breathing sporting things is dangerous, it could damaged your health)
03 Baile Funk : la rua lucia tabajara
(The use of sport could bring you to harder drugs, it has been proven that watching sport is often the first step to alcoholic habits, stop it now)
04 Spank Rock : Rick Rubin
(You'd better go out with you friend for a barbecue party, sport is alcohol, barbecue is ... just a bottle of wine, as it is often said, wine is not alcohol, wine is wine)
05 Grand Buffet : Headballs
(Do you know that the sex of a cat has got a bone in it, is that sport or cheating, i love cats)
06 Metropolitan Jazz Affair : Birds of spring
(I had that conversation with friends at a restaurant today, do you know that the pork nose has got a bone in it, don't you think i've got interesting conversations)
07 Koop : Tonight
(Tonight is the night, time to give up your naughty habits, simple and easy during these first sunny days)
08 Architecture in Helsinky : Whirlwind
(Take it or leave it they said, alright alright i'm going to take it)
09 Tom tom club : Wordy rappinhood
(I told you , it is all about hits)
10 Robopop : Our house
(In our house, kids are free, they are no longer obliged to watch sport on TV, in our house it is barbecue party every night, and you know what, we are all living barefoot)
11 The Sparks : Fletcher honorama
(Your toes are naked, they are well and happy, dancing upon pop music)
12 Caravan : Golf Girl

Kiss caress and more until next time

vendredi, juin 02, 2006


Hello dear listeners here is the new aperitivo radio show.
Two weeks without a show, wow.

The radio studio electricity power block was damaged, water everywhere.
You all know that water and electricity are devil friends, but now everything is repared, and things continue on and on.

A usual you can
listen in real player
download in MP3.

01 Dead kennedys : Too drunk to fuck
(To all the kids everywhere who are dreaming of skateboarding instead of working on their exams)
02 Andre Herman Dune : Smalltown boy
(To all the kids who are dreaming of big towns, clubs, sweat, and fantasy instead of working on their exams, things are always the same)
03 Komatrohn : Smalltown boy
(Always the same, but everytime a different one, changes in continuity)
04 Bretzel Goring : Bad news from the stars
("The sea always starting again and again" said Giscard, tonight Monsieur Aperitivo is wearing a splendid Giscard shirt and things are going fine, again and again)
05 Bootleg : Everybodyloves
(I don't know who is responsible for this, does someone out there knows who is guilty ? i love that)
06 Esther Williams : You gotta let me show you
(Things are always starting again and again, tomorrow i will have to mow the lawn, tonight i will brush my teeth)
07 My robot friend : Walt Whitman
(Did walt whitman wrote about things starting again and again, he did for sure on the fall of leaves)
08 Mr Pacman : (Rock) star hustler + Man on the moon
(Did walt knew that leaves fall because of Mr Pacman energy)
09 Bow wow wow : C30 C60 C90
(The classic fight, ancient and modern, Mp3 against C60, do the kids know what C60 was ?)
10 586 : We got bored
11 Eartha Kitt : Hurdy gurdy man
(Funny how many Donovan's song were played on that show without ever playing Donovan himself)
12 Gloria Jones : Tainted love
(Sadly, a car story)
13 The Balanescu quartet : The Model
(Classic and modern again, Ralf & Florian's machines against Mister Alexander Balanescu's violin)
14 Lee Hazlewood : The night before
(That's the way to end the aperitivo radio show, exactly like it began, startin again and again i told you)
15 Nara leao : Deus Vos Salve Esta Terra Santa

Kiss caress and more until next time

dimanche, mai 21, 2006


Aperitivo radio show was so far a place for entertainment, small talk and fantasy. What i want to tell you about is unfortunatly reality. For once i want to take advantage of this place for something important.


I don't know Cesare Battisti personnaly, the first thing that i know is that i read his novels since the first published (les habits d'ombre, 1993, Gallimard Série Noire), i like them.
Could i say that i that like a man through his novels, may be in a way, eventhough novels can't give reality its truth.
The second thing that i know is that he was once a member of the PAC (proletaires armés pour le communisme, Armed proletarian for communism), long ago, a time of low level civil war, in Italy. Is this post the place to talk about the History, i dont think so, it is a complex one, you can't talk about it in a post, you need an entire book.
The third thing is that in 1985, French President Mitterand welcome all past italian militant, it was a way to affirm that those days in italy were days of civil war, political acts.
The fourth is that according to french laws, one can not be judged for the same fact unless there are new elements. In 1991 the French court (Cour d'appel de Paris) stood that they can't agree to the italian government request to send Cesare Battisti back to Italy.
The fifth is that the night of 10th february 2004, i was in front of my computer screen and received a mail, "Cesare Battisti has been arrested this morning", this mail made me cry my tears out, you can't imagine how sad and angry i was.
Despite point three and four he was arrested, and threaten to be send back in Italy, in jail for the rest of his life (In Italy people who were judged without being present at their trial don't have the right to be a new one. By the time of his trial, Cesare was in Mexico and not aware of it).
Why was he arrested that 10th february, why did the french police arrest him ?
Because he had threaten one of his neighbour. We now know that this was a lie, just a lie to find an excuse to arrest him.

It is nearly two years now that Cesare is on the run, without any hope to see his daughters, his family and friends in France or in Italy. That's why this morning i bought his latest book, not a novel but some kind of a testimony. Having the book in my hands, i had the feeling getting in touch with an old lost friend, strange isn't it. I didn't buy tranquility with this book, for that i'd like to thank you Cesare.

How can someone help in this situation, you are your own judge, but this post is the least i can do.

Hope to meet you, one day in your everyday life, in a peacefull time, Cesare my friend.

Christophe Le Moullec
(i can't use the usual alias, it is me talking, not the avatar)

Cesare 's site Vialibe 5
A radio broadcast with Cesare on Radio France Inter