vendredi, juin 02, 2006


Hello dear listeners here is the new aperitivo radio show.
Two weeks without a show, wow.

The radio studio electricity power block was damaged, water everywhere.
You all know that water and electricity are devil friends, but now everything is repared, and things continue on and on.

A usual you can
listen in real player
download in MP3.

01 Dead kennedys : Too drunk to fuck
(To all the kids everywhere who are dreaming of skateboarding instead of working on their exams)
02 Andre Herman Dune : Smalltown boy
(To all the kids who are dreaming of big towns, clubs, sweat, and fantasy instead of working on their exams, things are always the same)
03 Komatrohn : Smalltown boy
(Always the same, but everytime a different one, changes in continuity)
04 Bretzel Goring : Bad news from the stars
("The sea always starting again and again" said Giscard, tonight Monsieur Aperitivo is wearing a splendid Giscard shirt and things are going fine, again and again)
05 Bootleg : Everybodyloves
(I don't know who is responsible for this, does someone out there knows who is guilty ? i love that)
06 Esther Williams : You gotta let me show you
(Things are always starting again and again, tomorrow i will have to mow the lawn, tonight i will brush my teeth)
07 My robot friend : Walt Whitman
(Did walt whitman wrote about things starting again and again, he did for sure on the fall of leaves)
08 Mr Pacman : (Rock) star hustler + Man on the moon
(Did walt knew that leaves fall because of Mr Pacman energy)
09 Bow wow wow : C30 C60 C90
(The classic fight, ancient and modern, Mp3 against C60, do the kids know what C60 was ?)
10 586 : We got bored
11 Eartha Kitt : Hurdy gurdy man
(Funny how many Donovan's song were played on that show without ever playing Donovan himself)
12 Gloria Jones : Tainted love
(Sadly, a car story)
13 The Balanescu quartet : The Model
(Classic and modern again, Ralf & Florian's machines against Mister Alexander Balanescu's violin)
14 Lee Hazlewood : The night before
(That's the way to end the aperitivo radio show, exactly like it began, startin again and again i told you)
15 Nara leao : Deus Vos Salve Esta Terra Santa

Kiss caress and more until next time

2 commentaires:

silencios cuerdos a dit…

wenaa wenaaa!! sava bien music!!!
je me piace!!!

julioxo a dit…

Sr. Aperitivo ¡Excelente disco!
Un saludo