samedi, décembre 17, 2005


Dear listeners, last night was friday night, so...... so..... So what


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01 Television personalities : I know where Syd Barret lives
(Dan Treacy also disappeared, we now know that he is back and that his new record will be released in february on Domino, this song is the perfect example of the englishman sweet madness, as seen by a french man, They could have been bigger than the beatles ?)
02 Soleil Rhana : Soul sitar
(Under the sun of Arthur cravan’s villa, women are dancing on sitar sounds while the poet is training for his next fight)
03 Richard Hayman : Dansero
(Arthur cravan was a boxer, a poet, a dancer, would he have loved this one ?)
04 Idris Muhamad : express yourself
(A drummer and a classic, from Idris to NWA)
05 Akufen : deck the house
(In France we have a word for that, “La danse de saint guy”, a disordered member disease, don’t be shy try it, express yourself)
06 Peter sellers : a hard days night + Swingle singers : Concerto a six allegro + Michael Fakesh : jazdrive
(At this time Monsieur Aperitivo discovered that he brought too many records in his bag, too bad let’s just play them all together)
07 Mia : Bucky done gone
(Everybody like MIA, Arthur surely would have too)
08 Justice : waters of Nazareth
(Isn’t that song impressive, such a cathedral of dirty sounds)
09 Jimmy james and the vagabonds : Ain’t no big thing
(Time of redemption, soul and violins)
10 Mel torme : Sunshine superman
(I was thinking of playing a Lou Rawl’s song and then came Mel, you can’t win each time LOU)
11 Dj Spinna : Watch dees + Melody four : les enquêtes du commissaire Maigret
(That’s the theme of "les enquêtes du commissaire Maigret" Tv show based on Simenon’s heroe, but a special version by MELODY FOUR)
12 Caetano veloso : Billy jean
(billy jean is a fantastic song, its bass line drives me crazy, caetano veloso is a marvellous singer, a true golden voice, is there a sweetest way to end a show ?)


samedi, décembre 10, 2005


Hello fellows, it is friday night so let's have a new APERITIVO time.

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01 Les maledictus sound : Jim Clark was driving recklessly
(Super heroes driving super cars, making super noise while playing guitars)
02 Le hammond Inferno : Fittipaldi
(Did you hear the sound of that car motor, you could dance listening to that music)
03 Kahimi Karie : The harder they come
(Small japanease voice singing the song of a big jamaican man)
04 Julie London : Cry me a river + Aperitivo drum machine + Detroit grand pu bahs : sandwiches
(Aperitivo is playing sentimental and romantic, won't you share a drink with me, i'll have a glass of cotes rotie please)
05 United states of america : Love song for the dead che
(Wonderfull ballad, i have nothing more to say, just listen)
06 Serge Gainsbourg / Jean Claude Vannier : La horse (Sofa surfers rmx) + DMX : What's my name
(The music of the Gainsbourg/Vannier dynamic duo is excellent, but you should also wacth the movie, an amazing kind of french western)
07 Flair : The non pc song
(Silly lyrics for a stupid song)
08 Puss : Master and slave
(two gameboys, one master and one slave, the machines are going SM)
09 Stéphane Varègues : Le pape du pop
(Silly lyrics for a stupid song, 60's french pop)
10 Jean Yanne : J'aime pas le rock
(I hate rock, that 's the title of that rock song, sung by the pope of the anarco silly, hilarious french singer)
11 Paul Mac Cartney : Temporary secretary
(Will you believe me if i told you that Mac cartney almost invented Acid House, listen to that synth)
12 Smith & Hack : To our disco friends
(Intelligent dance music must be funny)
13 Phill Pratt : Little things
(Jamaican way of being a latin lover, marvellous song for the end of the show under soft lights)

Kiss, caress and more untill next time

vendredi, décembre 02, 2005


Hello fellows, empowered by the spirit of Christmas, (because i forgot my puma man at home) here is one more hour of Aperitivo radio show.

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01 The Bongolian : Bongohead
(Let's have a party, take your bongos and shake your head)
02 Elvis impersonator + Al Green : Could this be the love + Nullsleep : Silent night
( Here at Aperitivo's headquaters it is Christmas, do not eat too many sweets, teeth are important for a singer)
03 Simian : Never be alone + Photek : Santiago + Lenny Dee : Mister Santa
( Do you have a marshmallow, come on, the last one)
04 The Mogs : Kelly blame (vocal)
(Some kind of a new fade to grey, but a naughty one, do not let your children listen to that song)
05 Kenny Rogers : Ruby don't take your love to town (S. retouched) + Aperitivo drum machine
(Our last week cowboys friends were disappointed not to be the main attraction of today show, so they are back)
06 Harold Alexander : Mama soul
(Dancing, singing, screaming flute)
07 Quantic soul orchestra : Introduction
(Real funk orchestra extravaganza)
08 Les McCann : Hey Leroy, Your mama's callin' you
(Won't you obey your mum, leave your computer and go eating, plug you off)
09 Bridget St John : Seagull sunday
(Did you know that Nico, Nick drake and John Martyn had a date)
10 XTC : 1000 umbrellas
(Produced by Todd Rundgren, not the usual XTC's favourite one, but may be mine)
11 Tom Lehrer : Yiddish People Kosher Delight
(Listen to a song that could have been written by a yiddish Gary Moshales)
12 Marcus Cultier : Ouelele
(OUELELE OUELELE OUELELE, that talks for itself, party coming out of the french antilla)

Kiss, caress and more untill next week

Oh, i nearly forgot to tell you.
Last week i went to see Brian Auger playing at La Marquise, i had a real good time, friends of the family, la spirale, interviewed him, and you can read it here.