lundi, juin 28, 2010

Takes me high (The last one)

Hello dear listeners, here is the last Aperitivo Radio Show.

From now, i'll be on holydays.

As usual you can


For our last one we choose to go back on what drove us high during this season.

01 Ennio Morricone : Adonai
02 Collage : Mets neidude vahel (Aperitivo drum machine mix)
03 C&K vocal : Frames without picture
04 April Phibia and the ruler her : jar jeer jar jaa (anagram jam edit)
05 Marsha Hunt : No no no (the beast day)
06 Gonja Sufi : She's gone
07 Les abranis : Chenar le blues
08 Elvis Presley : Animal instinct
09 Naushad : Dream ride
10 Anagram jam : Anagram jam
11 Sroeng santi : Iron Man
12 Thai Funk : ? (As i'm writing this post far from home, i don't have my records with me and can't remember the name of that song, any help ?)
13 Los Massieras : Shroom heaven
14 Brooke Boothby : 600 some shades
15  Louise Le May : Radium smile

Here it is fellows. Wish you great holydays.

Kiss caress and more.

N.B :There is a new song on the brooke boothby myspace page, it is called "18 West 11th street" and i love it. Just pop in.

dimanche, juin 20, 2010

Climb that ladder

Hello dear listeners, here is our latest Aperitivo show.

As usual you can

01 Alessandro Alessandroni :  Spiagge azzurre
02 Paul White :  Ancient treasure
03 Dert Floyd : Untitled 3
04 Guy Pedersen : Chasse à l'homme
05 Little miss trinitron : Paper nautilus
06 Brigitte Fontaine & Areski : Ca va faire un hit
07 Georgie Fame : Somebody stole my thunder
08 Guy Skornik : Des arbres de fer
09 Evariste : Connais tu l'animal qui inventa le calcul intégral ?
10 The Monks : Complication
11 Dennis the fox : Pile driver
12  Eartha Kitt : Hurdy gurdy man
13 White noise : Here come the fleas
14 Jane Weaver : My soul was lost, my soul was lost and no one saved me
15 Mor Thiam : Ayo ayo nene

Kiss caress and more until next time

dimanche, juin 13, 2010

Too many in a car

Picture is the work of Li Wei

Hello dear listeners, "Too many in a car" is our latest aperitivo radio show.

As usual you can

01 The Monkees : I'm not your stepping stone
02 Hugo Montenegro : Moog Power
03 Claudio Simonetti : Demon
04 Bharat Karki & Party : International peace
05 Yamasuki : Abana bakana
06 Grethe Agatz : Ekkoleg
07 Collage : Uni tule silma peale
08 Railcars : Castles (Lucky Dragons RMX)
09 Felix Kubin & Coolhaven : There is a garden
10 Ersen : Zalim
11 Troupe Majidi : Essiniya
12 Montage : Grand pianist
13 Alban Dereyer : Beautiful

The wonderfull Alban Dereyer song is taken from All surprises, a 21 tracks FREE compilation, curated by Chris Evans the man behind the Curve Ball radio show. It can be downloaded here.
Thank you Chris.

Kiss caress and more until next time

mercredi, juin 09, 2010

Alone in a car

Dennis Wilson in Two lane blacktop (Monte Hellman, 1971)

Hello dear listener, "Alone in a car" is our latest Aperitivo radio show.

As usual you can

01 Les Masters : Mon chameau
02 The 5th dimension : Sunshine of your love
03 Michel Polnareff : La mouche
04 Duddley Moore : Bedazzled
05 David Shire : Taking of Pelham Main theme
06 C&K vocal : Pilgrim (anagram jam edit)
07 Metro : A penz
08 Stanley Myers : Sitting target main theme
09 Peter Thomas : Evarella 2073
10 Klaus Weiss : Jumping balls
11 Ivor Slaney : Orgasmic stripper
12 Billy Nicholls :  Girl from New York
13 Pan Ron : I will mary you
14 The flirtations : Nothing but a heartache
15 The silhouettes : Fonky first

Kiss caress and more until next time