dimanche, mai 21, 2006


Aperitivo radio show was so far a place for entertainment, small talk and fantasy. What i want to tell you about is unfortunatly reality. For once i want to take advantage of this place for something important.


I don't know Cesare Battisti personnaly, the first thing that i know is that i read his novels since the first published (les habits d'ombre, 1993, Gallimard Série Noire), i like them.
Could i say that i that like a man through his novels, may be in a way, eventhough novels can't give reality its truth.
The second thing that i know is that he was once a member of the PAC (proletaires armés pour le communisme, Armed proletarian for communism), long ago, a time of low level civil war, in Italy. Is this post the place to talk about the History, i dont think so, it is a complex one, you can't talk about it in a post, you need an entire book.
The third thing is that in 1985, French President Mitterand welcome all past italian militant, it was a way to affirm that those days in italy were days of civil war, political acts.
The fourth is that according to french laws, one can not be judged for the same fact unless there are new elements. In 1991 the French court (Cour d'appel de Paris) stood that they can't agree to the italian government request to send Cesare Battisti back to Italy.
The fifth is that the night of 10th february 2004, i was in front of my computer screen and received a mail, "Cesare Battisti has been arrested this morning", this mail made me cry my tears out, you can't imagine how sad and angry i was.
Despite point three and four he was arrested, and threaten to be send back in Italy, in jail for the rest of his life (In Italy people who were judged without being present at their trial don't have the right to be a new one. By the time of his trial, Cesare was in Mexico and not aware of it).
Why was he arrested that 10th february, why did the french police arrest him ?
Because he had threaten one of his neighbour. We now know that this was a lie, just a lie to find an excuse to arrest him.

It is nearly two years now that Cesare is on the run, without any hope to see his daughters, his family and friends in France or in Italy. That's why this morning i bought his latest book, not a novel but some kind of a testimony. Having the book in my hands, i had the feeling getting in touch with an old lost friend, strange isn't it. I didn't buy tranquility with this book, for that i'd like to thank you Cesare.

How can someone help in this situation, you are your own judge, but this post is the least i can do.

Hope to meet you, one day in your everyday life, in a peacefull time, Cesare my friend.

Christophe Le Moullec
(i can't use the usual alias, it is me talking, not the avatar)

Cesare 's site Vialibe 5
A radio broadcast with Cesare on Radio France Inter

samedi, mai 13, 2006


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01 Ennio Morricone : Una tromba a Dallas
(Where ever you are, if you are alone in your living room desesperatly thinking of your beloved, lost somewhere, what happened ? where was that bloody crossroad ?)
02 Masequa Myers & Jami Ayinde : Black land of the nile
(The aperitivo marabout sorcerer can give you a helping hand, trust him, explain, he will find the solution)
03 The great deltas : Tra la la
(We can help you in different ways, you can ask for an individual session or come in our therapy group where dance and trance are the issue)
04 ESG : Get funky
(Our marabout is an expert in hypnotism and gris gris, just ask for and he will make a special one entirely dedicated to your big problem)
05 Electrocute : I love my daddy
(Gris gris and "Maraboutage" for sure, but the thing that makes him so unique is that he is also master in psychoanalysis, lacanian rule)
06 Leila : Don't fall asleep
(As for kung fu, and psychoanalysis there is obviously many schools, aperitivo belongs to the marabout one, leila belongs to the mutant voodoo funk one)
07 Aphex twin : Windowlicker
(Carefull my friends, please be carefull here is the mutant voodoo funk priest)
08 Youngblood brass band : Avalanche
(Is the mutant voodoo funk magic stronger than ours. I doubt it, but one thing is for sure, their brass and marching band are marvellous)
09 DDamage : Trop singe
(In our fight against other school, let's bring our secret noisy weapon)
10 Tunng : Tale from black
(We won. Now after all this sonic violence, it is time for peace and tranquility with our master)
11 Hot chip : Over and over
(Let's repeat it over and over, the marabout is a man of trust)
12 Nirvana : You can try it
(Now that we are at the end of our session with our marabout, you will find your love back, it is just a mater of time)

Kiss caress and more until next time

samedi, mai 06, 2006


Hello dear listener, the weather is good, let's have barbecue party .

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01 The undertones : Here come the summer
(First days of sun and hot weather are important, it makes you think that you've got friends waiting for your invitation to a barbecue party)
02 The fith dimension : Good news
(First thing to do is to prepare a good drink, refreshing and not too strong in alcohol... come on it's only the begining of the night)
03 Jorge Ben : Vou andando
(Buy a red wine that you can serve a bit fresh, un vin de loire for example)
04 Dat Politics : What's dat ?
(Now you can leave the table for a moment, it is time to set the fire)
05 Headman : Everybody
(You are the headman, but you can ask a few friends for a helping hand, now blow all together)
06 The Fall : Extricate
(First turn, who wants some burned sausages)
07 Monsieur Aperitivo : Du sable dans mes tongues
(If you don't have a garden, why not making the barbecue party a place at the sea, on a beach)
08 Jimmy Edgar : Morris Nightingale Theme
(In summer movies, a good barbecue party at the sea is a one with a friend playing the guitar)
09 Ty : Oh you want more
(Second turn who wants some more sausages)
10 Alice clark : Charms of the arms of love
(Time for something sweety, may be an ice cream, if your courageous enough you even can eat some marshmallows)
11 Michel Polnareff : La mouche
12 Kevin Ayers : Lady Rachel
(Great, the night was simply great)

Kiss caress and more until next time