samedi, mai 06, 2006


Hello dear listener, the weather is good, let's have barbecue party .

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01 The undertones : Here come the summer
(First days of sun and hot weather are important, it makes you think that you've got friends waiting for your invitation to a barbecue party)
02 The fith dimension : Good news
(First thing to do is to prepare a good drink, refreshing and not too strong in alcohol... come on it's only the begining of the night)
03 Jorge Ben : Vou andando
(Buy a red wine that you can serve a bit fresh, un vin de loire for example)
04 Dat Politics : What's dat ?
(Now you can leave the table for a moment, it is time to set the fire)
05 Headman : Everybody
(You are the headman, but you can ask a few friends for a helping hand, now blow all together)
06 The Fall : Extricate
(First turn, who wants some burned sausages)
07 Monsieur Aperitivo : Du sable dans mes tongues
(If you don't have a garden, why not making the barbecue party a place at the sea, on a beach)
08 Jimmy Edgar : Morris Nightingale Theme
(In summer movies, a good barbecue party at the sea is a one with a friend playing the guitar)
09 Ty : Oh you want more
(Second turn who wants some more sausages)
10 Alice clark : Charms of the arms of love
(Time for something sweety, may be an ice cream, if your courageous enough you even can eat some marshmallows)
11 Michel Polnareff : La mouche
12 Kevin Ayers : Lady Rachel
(Great, the night was simply great)

Kiss caress and more until next time

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julioxo a dit…

Thanks for the music Sr.Aperitivo
Au revoir

Anonyme a dit…

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