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Aperitivo radio show was so far a place for entertainment, small talk and fantasy. What i want to tell you about is unfortunatly reality. For once i want to take advantage of this place for something important.


I don't know Cesare Battisti personnaly, the first thing that i know is that i read his novels since the first published (les habits d'ombre, 1993, Gallimard Série Noire), i like them.
Could i say that i that like a man through his novels, may be in a way, eventhough novels can't give reality its truth.
The second thing that i know is that he was once a member of the PAC (proletaires armés pour le communisme, Armed proletarian for communism), long ago, a time of low level civil war, in Italy. Is this post the place to talk about the History, i dont think so, it is a complex one, you can't talk about it in a post, you need an entire book.
The third thing is that in 1985, French President Mitterand welcome all past italian militant, it was a way to affirm that those days in italy were days of civil war, political acts.
The fourth is that according to french laws, one can not be judged for the same fact unless there are new elements. In 1991 the French court (Cour d'appel de Paris) stood that they can't agree to the italian government request to send Cesare Battisti back to Italy.
The fifth is that the night of 10th february 2004, i was in front of my computer screen and received a mail, "Cesare Battisti has been arrested this morning", this mail made me cry my tears out, you can't imagine how sad and angry i was.
Despite point three and four he was arrested, and threaten to be send back in Italy, in jail for the rest of his life (In Italy people who were judged without being present at their trial don't have the right to be a new one. By the time of his trial, Cesare was in Mexico and not aware of it).
Why was he arrested that 10th february, why did the french police arrest him ?
Because he had threaten one of his neighbour. We now know that this was a lie, just a lie to find an excuse to arrest him.

It is nearly two years now that Cesare is on the run, without any hope to see his daughters, his family and friends in France or in Italy. That's why this morning i bought his latest book, not a novel but some kind of a testimony. Having the book in my hands, i had the feeling getting in touch with an old lost friend, strange isn't it. I didn't buy tranquility with this book, for that i'd like to thank you Cesare.

How can someone help in this situation, you are your own judge, but this post is the least i can do.

Hope to meet you, one day in your everyday life, in a peacefull time, Cesare my friend.

Christophe Le Moullec
(i can't use the usual alias, it is me talking, not the avatar)

Cesare 's site Vialibe 5
A radio broadcast with Cesare on Radio France Inter

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R2K a dit…

: )

escapista a dit…

battisti is just another assassin. do we really have to praise him? "In Italy people who were judged without being present at their trial don't have the right to be a new one. By the time of his trial, Cesare was in Mexico and not aware of it" please do not joke yourself. what was he doing in mexico? holidays? "It is nearly two years now that Cesare is on the run, without any hope to see his daughters, his family and friends in France or in Italy" and how is it possible that he flew from the arrest? Maby you should ask the french government, but as here in italy, "la gauche" needs always to find some new martyrs to stay alive.

Che spreco...

monsieur aperitivo a dit…

Hello escapista

I knew those reactions where about to happened, writing this post.
I let your post on the page, and i want to answer your questions or things you wrote.

First i do not praise him, it is only my conviction and my perception of the truth.
Second, you are right he was'nt in mexico in vacation,he was on the run and so what ?
Does that mean that people don't have the right to a proper and fair trial ? I'm talking of the "special laws" n°99 11-04-1974 which brought to 8 years preventive incarceration.
N° 152 22-05-1975 "the reale law",
the special prison created out of the inter minister decree 04-05-1977, the famous N°304 29-05-1982 about repentant.

Still about the second point. Battisti was arrested in 1979, he quit the PAC before, he was arrested and condamned for 12 years of prison because he has once been a member of this group, and nothing to do with murders.
He escaped jail in 1981.
The fact is that during the trial of a man named Pietro Mutti, this Mutti accused Battisti of 2 murders (mister Sabbadin and mister Torregiani). So began another battisti trial in Italy while he was in Mexico, and has i wrote he was not aware of it. He was convinced of those murders on the only testimony of Pietro Mutti who gained a decrease of his sentence thanks to the repentant law.

You began your commentary with "he is just another assassin", don't you think that you can have serious doubt about it.
What makes you so sure he is an assassin ?

I don't think i'm joking myself escapista, i'm only talking about the story of battisti, and these are facts, not a romantic idea of martyr.

What is extremly important from my point of view is that the french President gave his word in 1985, and almost 20 years after France came back on it. You obviously can't do that, this is not acceptable.
There are laws in France like in every countries, but how can a government act against and despite these laws. This is not aceptable.

I could continue on and on Escapista, i don't know if i can make you change your mind.
Like i wrote just before, this is my perception of it, and it is only based on facts.

Feel free to answer.

Christophe Le Moullec

Jiltz a dit…

L’homme qui trouve sa voie dans l’écriture après un passage dans la marge et plus particulièrement dans le « milieu » est une bonne chose s’il est doué et s’il a du talent.
On a en France quelques bons exemples.
Ce qui est méprisable, à mes yeux, c’est l’aspect grand-guignolesque de cette affaire.
Il n’y a qu’à regarder la liste des « happy few » de son comité de soutien ! et leur commisération à géométrie variable…
Tous ceux qui ont connu cette époque le savent :
Les hommes sont fragiles.
Les hold-up n’alimentaient pas que le mouvement,
Et Cesare avait franchi la ligne…
Ce qui n’enlève rien à son talent d’écrivain.
Mon mépris va plutôt à ceux qui en font une affaire politique,
Ceux qui ne savent plus à quelle cause se fier pour se faire mousser
Ceux qui mettent en avant la parole d’un président cent fois parjure
Ceux qui n’ont pas bougé quand tombaient Gino, Clara et les autres…
Guy Debord s’est suicidé beaucoup trop tôt…..on vit une époque formidable !!!
Amitiés, K