samedi, novembre 26, 2005


Here is a new aperitivo radio show.
This time the above picture is the work of colonel Glen Baxter, a man of extreme "drolerie".

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01 Hasil Hadkins : She said
(I remember when i bought that Cramps Lp with its 3D cover, the original of "She said" is even more crazier)
02 Don Fardon : Georgie Best Belfast Boy
(I've never been a football fan, but i 've always been touched by that kind of pop icon, George Best died today)
03 Modeselektor : Rave anthem + Orson welles : war of the world
(Panic in the studio, Here comes the martian martians)
04 Houria Aichi : Vie Nouvelle + Shantell : Rub a dub + Aperitivo white noise machine + Unknown electro white label
(Another touch of marvellous arabic flavour, Can you feel that sweet melancoly ?)
05 Original Hamster : Hamsta my dear
(I never had a hamster when i was young, not that i wanted one, but i've always been intrigued by that silly animal, now i've got one and he is singing)
06 David Axelrod : Human abstract + Aperitivo white noise machine + The last poets : Jibaro pretty nigger
(Today it was snowing, may be that's why this music sounds like it is made out of cotton)
07 Can : Turtles have a short legs
(Number 07 & 08 go together, listen why)
08 Busdriver : Avant core
09 Barry Ryan : The hunt
(Sometimes barry goes too far, it's on the edge of a certain bad taste, but i love it, pop at its most baroque )
10 Eddie Jefferson : Psychedelic Sally
(Cover of the Horace Silver theme, Jazz and Dance. There is always a time for dancing in aperitivo radio show. Come on, bring your hamster)
11 Robert Wyatt : Shipbuilding
(It's amazing how free his music is. It's floating, i deeply love that man's music)
12 Moondog : Pig my pig
(Come on dance, now bring your pig)
13 Scenario rock : Skitzo Dancer (justice remix)
(Imagine the beastie boys as king of the dancefloor, yes that's it)
14 Sidabitball vs Screamclub : Smalltown girl
(Is 8 Bit the new punk attitude, i believe so)

Kiss, caress and more untill next week

samedi, novembre 19, 2005


Can't choose between clubbin, electronic pop, soul, baroque pop, tropicalia.
That's all it is about, no choice to make, no scale of artistic values between them.

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01 Bobby & betty go to the moon : go to the moon (part 2)
(a bit of james brown's 'papa's got..', a bit of space age pop : bring your girlfriend on the moon)
02 Soft Pink truth : In school + Cabaret voltaire : nag nag nag (Akufen remix)
(electronic, punk, micro sample, scratch & noise : a few minutes of avant-post-pre-proto-neo... did you understand a word because i didn't )
03 Dat Politics : Bees 're bees
(They are french, use laptop and glitch upon a sweet melody, what do hipsters generally say, FRESH, yes it is)
04 Red boy : Making a noise + Piero Picioni : Camille 2000 (title)
(Soft erotic music jumping on electronic rythm, aperitivo's trademark indeed)
05 Nina Simone : Poppies
(Oh god, i love her music, her masculin voice. You've got to buy all the records she did during her RCA years, and it will only be the begining of a true addiction)
06 Dorando : Didn't i
(latest discovery i did, on the "Gilles peterson digs america" VA, listen to it one time, and you can't help yourself coming back to it)
07 Zongamin & Dizzee Rascal: Bongo song vs stand up tall
(Club music upon typical dizzee vocals, began to dance in the studio)
08 Panico : Lupita (Zongamin rmx)
(Still Zongamin, this time remixing that punky number, that also make me think of the B52's, the bass line does)
09 Unknown but sure that's baile Funk : Pavarote
(as if a brazilian man with no teeth was completly drunk, plus BASS BASS BASS, this music is full of energy)
10 Rogerio Duprat : Babe
(He was the arranger of the all banda tropicalista, his way of writing music has got a strange and delightfull taste)
11 Ennio Morricone & Chico Buarque : Roda viva
(True, not a mash up, it is on a real LP they did together, and it is a MUST HAVE. After the Dorando's song this is the second little gem of tonight's show).

Kiss, caress and more untill next week.

samedi, novembre 12, 2005


Here we are again with one more hour of APERITIVO.

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01 : Jacques Loussier : Clara's jerk
(Jerk time, make sure you've got strong knees)
02: Dick Hayman & Mary Mayo : Moon gas
(Marvellous pre electro song)
03 : Sofa surfers : the plan (surfers remix) + Elvis Presley : Crying in the chapel
(What more can i say, it's Elvis you know)
04: I fidaya : I fidaya + Robert wyatt : o everywhere + Aperitivo drum machine
(Arabic flavour and bouncing machines)
05 : Simian : La breeze
(Melody and energy, just perfect)
06 : Benjamin theves : Texas (sebastian remix)
(Chainsaw massacre ?)
07: World domination enterprise : Abestos led abestos
(Punk, dub, white noise, i saw them live years ago it was blastering)
08: Hawaian time : Andrea Parker : Melodius Thunk + Faka lufi lufi + Tiger shark
(After all those Db, needed laidback time, is there anything better than a fantasize hawai ?)
09: Bergen white : Lisa was
(Hello mademoiselle, are you dancing ?, tenderness time)
10 : Dorian pimpernel : Octave heliophone
(60's pop vs electronic, how to make your own choice, they didn't)
11: Freddie Cole : Brother where are you ?
(Last time i played the herbert remix of Oscar Brown, this time it's the extraordinary Freddy, brother of Nat, Cole version, what a guitar, what a piano..., I love it)
12: Brigitte Fontaine : Je suis inadaptee
(Out of time)

Enjoy untill next week

lundi, novembre 07, 2005


This week, due to circumstances under my control, Aperitivo was mute and deaf. NO SHOW.
Is it already the end.
Of course not dear,
hear you next week.

By the way, while you're not listening to Aperitivo, why don't you have half or both ears on
their last week show is on line and it's Soulful pop time.

Hear you next week fellows.