samedi, novembre 12, 2005


Here we are again with one more hour of APERITIVO.

Listen to it in real Player

01 : Jacques Loussier : Clara's jerk
(Jerk time, make sure you've got strong knees)
02: Dick Hayman & Mary Mayo : Moon gas
(Marvellous pre electro song)
03 : Sofa surfers : the plan (surfers remix) + Elvis Presley : Crying in the chapel
(What more can i say, it's Elvis you know)
04: I fidaya : I fidaya + Robert wyatt : o everywhere + Aperitivo drum machine
(Arabic flavour and bouncing machines)
05 : Simian : La breeze
(Melody and energy, just perfect)
06 : Benjamin theves : Texas (sebastian remix)
(Chainsaw massacre ?)
07: World domination enterprise : Abestos led abestos
(Punk, dub, white noise, i saw them live years ago it was blastering)
08: Hawaian time : Andrea Parker : Melodius Thunk + Faka lufi lufi + Tiger shark
(After all those Db, needed laidback time, is there anything better than a fantasize hawai ?)
09: Bergen white : Lisa was
(Hello mademoiselle, are you dancing ?, tenderness time)
10 : Dorian pimpernel : Octave heliophone
(60's pop vs electronic, how to make your own choice, they didn't)
11: Freddie Cole : Brother where are you ?
(Last time i played the herbert remix of Oscar Brown, this time it's the extraordinary Freddy, brother of Nat, Cole version, what a guitar, what a piano..., I love it)
12: Brigitte Fontaine : Je suis inadaptee
(Out of time)

Enjoy untill next week

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