lundi, janvier 30, 2006


It makes two weeks now that i wasn't able to broadcast the aperitivo radio show, first one because of a flu, second one because of elements in fury, but i won't let you down.

Let's talk about two unique artists. First one is Daniel Johnston, call him a freak if you want to, but his music makes me cry my tears. Haunting, touching, unique melodys coming straight from his heart, songs about the loss of a true love, about King kong, about Casper the friendly ghost (i'm not kidding, a great one). Since the first time i heard one of his song , think it was speeding motorcycle, Daniel Johnston gain a truly special place in my heart. I used to think of him as some kind of a secret we shared with some friends, but now it is time for him to meet a lot more friends.

The devil and daniel Johnston is a documentary about the man, showed at the sundace festival last year it won the audience award best documentary , and the best director award. Just have a look at the trailer and the site dedicated to the movie. And go to the movie when it is out.

Second is the great Nina simone. I have told you in a previous show how much i love her music (I played Poppies in this show).

Nina Simone is grace, power, sensibility, beauty, animality. She made politics, love and groovy song, she was simply amazing. Thanks to David F's blog i saw this video, two songs (four women and save me) shot by Jean Christophe Averty during the Antibes jazz festival in 1969, at this time her artistic director was Weldon Irvin, he played organ on this show.

Four women, no, far more, i don't remember who said that Nina Simone was every women, in a way it is true, she was a fantasy, i mean so extraordinary that finally unreal for those who didn't had the chance to see her on stage. But now you can.

Have you ever see a human animal at a concert. I mean let's talk about John Spencer for example, he is a gorilla for sure with his brutal sexual appealing, Brian Auger is a grizzly upon his Hammond B4, and Nina,....., Nina is a panther.

Just look the panther she was, she 's real.

Kiss caress and more untill next time

samedi, janvier 28, 2006


Do you believe it. I can't.
There must be some kind of curse, or that evil Ming build a machine to avoid the broadcast of the aperitivo radio show.
Last time i was ill, but this time Ming made it snow so hard on town it was impossible to reach the radio, no way to drive there.
So this week, no radio show.

Kiss caress and more untill next time

samedi, janvier 21, 2006


I spent the end of the week in my bed with an awfull flu, as a consequence i was'nt able to go to the radio and broadcast the aperitivo radio show.
Waiting for next week why don't you have a listen to la spirale their new show is "Covered and covering jazz".

The image above is the work of Chris Ware, it is taken from his wonderfull Jimmy Corrigan.

Kiss, caress and more until next week

samedi, janvier 14, 2006


Hello dear listener, last night was the first real show of the year, and it 's gone bad, what an adventure.

Listen in real player



01 Lou Rawls : It was a very good year
(Last time i choose to play Mel Torme instead of Lou, and now he is gone. Was it a very good year ? Anyway it is a new one. Let’s make it good.)
02 Jorge Ben : Take it easy my brother Charlie
(The funkier brazilian singer, we need him now, and we want him now, funky warmth for you and me)
03 Para One : Clubhoppn + Ravi Shankar : Om
(what’s happening here, is it dancing time , yes my friend it is cold outside and you got to move)
04 Jay Z : Hey papy (Folk mix)
(I’m not into jay Z, but this particular mix is wonderfull, don’t exactly know who did it. First time I heard it was on a Four Tet mixtape, listen)
05 Usher : Yeah (Edit cut up)
(Can I repeat myself, I’m not into Usher, but this mix is brilliant, it is absurd, completely twisted, upside down music for four legs dancers)
06 Eartha Kitt : Hurdy gurdy man
(Flying saucers just landed on the radio car park, a strange lady came out of an UFO and asked me if she could sing on the radio, as I’m very courageous I said yes of course, she did and left)
07 Supermadrigal Brothers : Sunshine superman
(While her flying saucer was taking off, a weird mob of strange little boys arrived and asked me “Is it here that we need to apply for the first alien singing contest ?” Oh, No am I that tired ?)
08 Esther Philips : Home is where the hatred is
(Too much emotions for one show, I must rest a bit, think a bit, are we alone in the universe , is there a superior minded person out there, feel I that comfortable and sweet listening to Esther Philips, do I need a drink ?)
09 Dorothy Ashby : Afro Harpin’
( Legendary record coming out of cadet vaults)
10 Serge Gainsbourg : L’hippopodame
(Love with a woman in a Renoir’s painting)
11 Bergen White : Hurt so bad
(Bergen is an undefected romantic)
12 TTC : le chant des hommes
(Man needs what a man needs, did i heard that in a western ?)
13 Add N to X : Take me to your leader
(No, no I am not that tired, aliens took me to their leader and he looks like that evil one in flash gordon)

Kiss caress and more untill next time

vendredi, janvier 06, 2006


Happy new year dear listeners.
What 's best to begin this year, Romance for sure.

Because of work, i was'nt able to go to the radio tonight.
Instead of the regular radio show, you can listen to that mix, one hour of soundtracks pleasure.

As usual
Listen in real player

01 Vladimir Cosma : cine du dimanche soir
02 Bernard Hermann : prelude (Mysterious island – 1960)
03 Lalo Schiffrin : the liquidator title (The Liquidator -1965)
04 Piero Picioni : Main title (Puppet on a chain – 1970)
05 Duddley Moore : Main theme (Beddazled – 1968)
06 Jim Helms : Caine's theme (Kung Fu – 1973)
07 Franco Miccalizi : Mara's theme (Laura - 1976)
08 Stelvio Cipriani : la polizia ha le mani legate (la polizia ha le mani legate - 1975)
09 Ennio Morricone & la cicciolina : Cavallina a cavallo (Dedicato al mare egeo – 1979)
10 Elmer Bernstein : Clark street (The man with the golden arm - 1955)
11 Riz Ortolani : Una sull altra (Una sull altra – 1969)
12 Alex North : Love theme from Spartacus (Spartacus - 1960)
13 Riz Ortolani : M1 Main title (Cosi dolce cosi pervesa - 1969)
14 Bernard Hermann : The twisted nerve (Twisted nerve – 1968)
15 Terry Randazo : Shall we gather at the boat dock (The girl from Uncle - 1966)
16 Piero Picioni: Ascott dream (fumo di londra - 1966)
17 Henri Mancini : Theme (The thief who came to dinner – 1975)
18 Goblin : Zombi ( Zombie – 1983)
19 David Shire : Theme from the conversation (The conversation – 1974)
20 Bruno Nicolai : Magico incontro ( Tutti i colori del buio- 1972)
21 JJ Johnson : Willie escapes (Willie dynamite – 1974)
22 Vladimir Cosma : generique (L'aile ou la cuisse – 1976)

For soundtracks lovers, there is another cineaperitivo here :
Du rififi pour l'aperitif

kiss, caress and more untill next time