vendredi, janvier 06, 2006


Happy new year dear listeners.
What 's best to begin this year, Romance for sure.

Because of work, i was'nt able to go to the radio tonight.
Instead of the regular radio show, you can listen to that mix, one hour of soundtracks pleasure.

As usual
Listen in real player

01 Vladimir Cosma : cine du dimanche soir
02 Bernard Hermann : prelude (Mysterious island – 1960)
03 Lalo Schiffrin : the liquidator title (The Liquidator -1965)
04 Piero Picioni : Main title (Puppet on a chain – 1970)
05 Duddley Moore : Main theme (Beddazled – 1968)
06 Jim Helms : Caine's theme (Kung Fu – 1973)
07 Franco Miccalizi : Mara's theme (Laura - 1976)
08 Stelvio Cipriani : la polizia ha le mani legate (la polizia ha le mani legate - 1975)
09 Ennio Morricone & la cicciolina : Cavallina a cavallo (Dedicato al mare egeo – 1979)
10 Elmer Bernstein : Clark street (The man with the golden arm - 1955)
11 Riz Ortolani : Una sull altra (Una sull altra – 1969)
12 Alex North : Love theme from Spartacus (Spartacus - 1960)
13 Riz Ortolani : M1 Main title (Cosi dolce cosi pervesa - 1969)
14 Bernard Hermann : The twisted nerve (Twisted nerve – 1968)
15 Terry Randazo : Shall we gather at the boat dock (The girl from Uncle - 1966)
16 Piero Picioni: Ascott dream (fumo di londra - 1966)
17 Henri Mancini : Theme (The thief who came to dinner – 1975)
18 Goblin : Zombi ( Zombie – 1983)
19 David Shire : Theme from the conversation (The conversation – 1974)
20 Bruno Nicolai : Magico incontro ( Tutti i colori del buio- 1972)
21 JJ Johnson : Willie escapes (Willie dynamite – 1974)
22 Vladimir Cosma : generique (L'aile ou la cuisse – 1976)

For soundtracks lovers, there is another cineaperitivo here :
Du rififi pour l'aperitif

kiss, caress and more untill next time

12 commentaires:

mrdantefontana a dit…

Superb collection. :-)

P-E Fronning a dit…


Reverend Frost a dit…

rah putain la classe ^-^

Sylvain L. a dit…

Le cinéma du dimanche soir, ça commençait déjà bien, puis Dudley Moore (si méconnu comme musicien, malheureusement), puis Cipriani, puis Ortolani, et puis les autres, et puis les dialogues....

C'est une sélection de grand standing, qui se sirote comme un cocktail: can I have one more please ?

kfigaro a dit…

Le prelude du "Mysterious island" est clairement un de mes titres de chevet !!

idem pour le "Love theme" de "Spartacus" ! :)

monsieur aperitivo a dit…

Thank you for your kind words.

I'm glad that you had pleasure listening to this "Deux pour l'apéritif".
I had making it.
It is curious, but i prefere the first one "Du rififi pour l'apéritif".
Compared to the other cineaparitivo, this new one was far more difficult to make.
In fact i had trouble building the storie which drives the mix.

The first cineaperitivo was a robbery movie and the storie of a vengeance. I had two main movie in mind sergio sollima's "Citta violenta" (the vengeance part) and Melville's "Le cercle rouge". Making the mix on that storie was easy job.

But to imagine the storie for the second one 'Deux pour...' was difficult, because i changed my mind two or three times.
The first idea was a sunday night movie, that's why you can listen to Vladimir Cosma "cine du dimanche soir" (“sunday night movie”, for our non french reading friends). In France, some years ago, the sunday night was the TV movie night, and that track was always the opening.

Then i wanted it to be a kind of james bond picture, begining with something terrible happening (here a sexual worldwide extravaganza taken out from that stupid parody “Flesh Gordon”), then drinving into a silly comedy.
For this part i mainly, thought of Alberto de Martino's “Operation frère cadet” (“Ok Connery / operation kid brother”).
But i wanted the main caracter to be a woman like Modesty Blaise.

Finally i thought that the idea was not enough to build a real story, that's why i change my mind again to imagine upon that, a true love story between modesty and Kung fu (david carradine's caracter).

So finally the ideas that drive the storie were spies, comedy, woman and romance, and then you ‘ve got the final recipe.

Have an enjoyable listening

Monsieur Aperitivo
P.S : I makes me think that if I do another cineaperitivo, I will have to use Michel Legrand ‘s “recette du cake d’amour” (Love cake recipe) taken from Peau d’âne.

Bruno a dit…

Happy New Year!Keep up the good work! :)

Anonyme a dit…


dj nepo

QQF resident a dit…

Really excellent. Many thanks!

PS a dit…

fantastic comp ...check my new blog maybe you'll fancy something from me ...

Anonyme a dit…

Ya aut'chose lad'dans,?,,?
Ce sr'ai pas d'la pomme.??

sexy a dit…

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