vendredi, décembre 25, 2009

Two bodies as one animal

Picture is the work of julien pacaud

Hello dear listeners, after a trip in flue land, a rather awfull stay at the famous H1N1 mansion the show is back on the air.

As usual you can

01 Ennio Morricone : Strano collage da camera
02 Jean Kassapian : The snake
03 Ennio Morricone : Nascosta nell'ombra
04 Vangelis : Stuffed tomato
05 Les Baxter : Prelude in E
06 Lindstrom : Little drummer boy
07 Felix Kubin : Ich traüme nur in super 8
08 Big Cherry : Come in bonzo
09 Dolly Mixture : Been teen
10 Yoko Ono Plastic Ono band : Ask the elephant
11 The freak scene : Dance for me
12 Freddie Mc Coy : Gimme some
13 Collage : Mets neidude vahel (Aperitivo drum machine mix)
14 The Peddlers : Tell the world we're not in
14 Brooke Boothby : Tomorrow Tamara

Kiss caress and more until next time

dimanche, novembre 22, 2009

Hang on to your dream

Hello dear listeners, Hang on to your dream is your new Aperitivo radio show. This week we will try to make happen the morning of the Big night.

As usual you can

01 Alessandro Alessandroni : Spiagge Azzurre
02 Studio (2) : East Side (Brennan Green Version)
03 Sushi : Disco
04 Danielle Dax : Here comes the harvest burns
05 Satanicpornocultshop : Porque te vas
06 The monks : I hate you
07 The fall : Black monk theme
08 The sparks : Fletcher honorama
09 The cherry people : And suddenly
10 Elsie Mae : Do you really want to rescue me ?
11 Sharon Cash : Fever
12 Salah Rageb : Egyptian strut

Kiss caress and more until next time

dimanche, novembre 15, 2009

Magna Carta

Hello dear listeners, here is Magna Carta our new Aperitivo radio show. This week we will investigate the reasons for travelling our all world and beyond.

As usual you can

01 Charles Dumont : La course d'auto
02 Mr Chop : TROY
03 Bruce Haack : Bods
04 Jalil Bennis & les golden hands : Mirza
05 Mehr Pooya : Soul sitar
06 Wolf People : Tiny circles
07 Made in Germany : The arrow and the song
08 MRR ADM : Track 012
09 Flying Lizards : Money
10 Ramases : You are the only one
11 Minnie Riperton : Les fleurs
12 Louis Armstrong & Leon Thomas : The creator has a masterplan
13 Aidan Smith : Song to Delia Smith

Kiss caress and more until next time

mercredi, novembre 11, 2009

How to sell everything

Hello dear listeners, "How to sell everything" is the new Aperitivo radio show.

As usual, you can

01 Morocco : Ela tho
02 Serge Gainsbourg & Michel Colombier : Je n'avais qu'un seul mot à lui dire
Siegfried Fink : Beat the beat
03 Tubby Haines : Voodoo
04 Silver Apples : Mustang Sally
05 Edwin Star : Get up (pilooski edit)
06 Dia Prometido : Hava Nagila
07 Sohail Rana : Soul sitar
08 Marylin and the movie stars : Vampyre
09 Mr Quark : There's nothing new under the sun
10 Selda : Mehmet Emmi
11 Collage : Suur tamm
12 Tony Ronald : Summertime
13 Della Reese : It was a very good day
14 Brooke Boothby : 600 some shades

Kiss caress and more until nex time

dimanche, novembre 01, 2009

No stress at the office

Hello dear listener, "No stress at the office" is your new course.
This week you will learn how to focus on the important matters. You will make some place in your mind, evacuate any stress from your body and will become the true example of how our new working organization will benefit each of our employees.

As usual you can

01 Serge Gainsbourg & Michel Colombier : Pop d'époque
02 Electroid 2000 : Moogster revenge
03 Jan Turkenburg : In my spaceship
04 The Millenium : Prelude
05 April phibia and the ruler her :jar jeer jar jaa
06 R.D Burman : Shalimar title music
07 Etta James : In the basement
08 Jean Pierre Mirouze : Sexopolis
09 Adriano Celentano : L'unica chance
10 Les abranis : Chenar le blues
11 Michael Yonkers : Microminiature love
12 The 5th dimension : Carpet man
13 Marlena shaw : California soul
14 Tim Hardin : Never too far

Kiss caress and more until next time

dimanche, octobre 25, 2009

And the Aperitivo prize goes to...

The "moustache of understanding" is the work of David Rees, also Author of "Get your war on" just pop in 

Hello dear listener, welcome to the Aperitivo prize grand opening, you will have 28 months to set and make live your ideal world. Once this timeframe over our jury will visit you before giving our 30 Millions aperitivo cubes reward to our selected winner.

As usual you can

01 Ronnie Von : Chega de tudo
02 Goblin : Zombie
03 The Laze : Run Into Space (The Ascension of Nightjar)
04 Delia Derbyshire : The wizards laboratory
05 Litlle miss trinitron : Paper Nautilus
06 Dert Floyd : track 3
07 Jean claude Vannier : L'enfant la mouche et les allumettes
08 Michelle Mercier : La fille qui fait tchic tchic
09 Mustafa Ozkent orchestra : Burcak
10 The Rah band : Electric fling
11 Les 5 gentlemen : Si tu reviens chez moi
12 Triste Janero : Without him
13 The Mirage : The wedding of ramona blair
14 Dorian Pimpernel : Octave Heliophone

Kiss caress and more until next time

samedi, octobre 17, 2009

So you want to be rock n roll star

Hello dear listeners, here is the new Aperitivo Radio show.This week the board decided to give a very special course to all of you who are secretly dreaming to become a pop superstar.
These are our very serious and practical advices.

As usual you can

01 Ennio Morricone : Adonai
02 Les Masters : Mon chameau
03 Man CIty Lion : Na doo
04 Dert Floyd : Track 1
Ennio Morricone : Theme de Nazzari et Delon
05 Music Machine : Trouble (Pilooski edit)
06 The Poets : Fun Buggy
07 Jessie Evans : Scientist of love
08 Vivien Goldman : Laundrette
09 Large Number : hockenhiem in the rain
10 Delta 5 : Mind your own business
11 Dance with action : The end of a robot
12 Rare Earth : Stop / Where did our love go
13 Salah Ragab : Egypt strut
14 Bryan Mac Lean : Alone again or

Kiss caress and more until next time

dimanche, octobre 11, 2009

samedi, octobre 10, 2009

Let's get lost

Hello dear listeners. Here is the new Aperitivo radio show. Not really this week show because i forgot to record it, but another one dated from last april, one that i didn't uploaded back then.

As usual you can

01 Braen's machine : Fying
02 The dead wheather : Are friends electric
03 Kap Bambino : Acid eyes
04 Discodeine : Tom select
Houriai Aichi : Le cavalier, le cheval et la dame
Houria Aichi : Vie Nouvelle
Henri Salvador : Kissinger le duc tho
05 Asha Bhosle : Dum Maro Dum
06 Hypo : Pil/Pil
07 Micachu : Curly teeth
08 The fall : Mr pharmacist
09 ESG : the moody beat
10 The peddlers : It's so easy
11 Final fantasy : Horsetail feathers
12 Barrett Strong : Money

Kiss caress and more until next time

mardi, octobre 06, 2009

Totally addicted to

While driving to the radio station last friday night, this song came suddenly out of the small FM device through my rotten speakers.
From then i can't help myself singing "For your lover give some time" over and over.
That song moves me the same way Frank Sinatra's Waterfront Lp does, and that is quite something.
The song is beautyfull, but as usual it is one little thing that made the difference, one little sentence
'"I ... Come home early and not complain about the day "

lundi, octobre 05, 2009

Brotherhood of...

Hello dear listener, here is the new Aperitivo radio show.

Sometimes i feel like the rabbit in ... Did i already say that ?
Feels like deja vu, but weeks pass always the same, except during that very hour, here is your pill.

As usual you can

01 Ivor Slaney : Orgasmic tripper
02 Douglas woods : Icicles
03 Michel Magne : Barbarella's song (arr : Jean Claude Vannier)
04 Faust : the sad skinhead
05 Dave Ansell Collins : Double barrel
06 Katie Kovacs : Sehnsucht
07 Erkin Koray : Karli daglar
08 The natural yoghurt band : Chit chat
09 Ennio Morricone : Magic and ecstasy
10 Wolf people : Tiny circles
11 The freak scene : A million grains of sand
12 Arthur : Blue Museum
13 Christophe : The girl from Salina
14 Yusef Lateef : Eastern market

Kiss caress and more until next time

dimanche, septembre 27, 2009

The O show

Hello dear listeners.

Sometimes i feel like the rabbit in Alice in Wonderland, something like hurry, hurry boy.
Seems like days don't have enough hours. Here is the deal, it was no show on line or just minimum.
I did my choice. Here is the new Aperitivo radio show .

As usual you can

01 Morocco : Ela tho
02 Moebius & Plank : Miss Cacadou
03 Mort Garson : Be in, are Krishna
04 Fifty foot hose : Rose
05 Zoo : Mammouth
06 Young cream : 0
07 Anagram jam : Anagram jam
08 The devil's Anvil : Karkadon
09 Pilooski : Wizzard
10 Ersen : gunese don cicegim
11 Mayer Hawthorne : Just Ain't Gonna Work Out
12 The artistics : A man with feeling
13 Rachel Unthank : Sea song

Kiss caress and more until next time

dimanche, septembre 20, 2009

Gross national happiness

Hello dear listeners, here is the new Aperitivo radio show

As usual you can

01 Gianni Marchetti : Psico classico
(You have now join our task force, your job will be to take part of our new Gross national happiness project)
02 April Phibia and the rule-her : Jar jee jar jaa (anagram jam edit)
(Happiness objectives were previously all setlled, the go live date too, You will be part of a dedicated project team)
03 Mort Garson : Be in hare Krishna
(Without any goals in your life you won't achieve anything, welcome in our soon to be perfect world)
04 Ben Butler : Other islands
(Happy to stand in your new consultant position, let's go mate)
05 Satanicpornocultshop : Boule
(Senior consultants will attend an extreme one week training, juniors a one month and a half before standing in front of their customers)
06 Peter Iver's band : Cat scratch fever
Doris : Daisies
Hasil Adkins : She said
Anagram Jam : Anagram jam
(The birth of this new 100% happiness world that we show you is obvious)
07 Vigon : Popcorn
(Happy to join, you did the right choice, are you now ready to work on site)
08 Ersen : Zalim (gaslamp killer edit)
(What appreciation mark did you had during the talking to convince courses ? )
09 Klaus Weis : Hit it
(Your first job will be simple but essential, transform the most people into a happiness believer)
10 Robert Wyatt : Kew Rhone
(Your working days will be long and hard)
11 Young Marble giants : Searching for mister right
(Did you fulfill your objectives, one believer per hour, ten per days, this is the only condition)
12 The cosmic rays: Daddy will tell you no lie
(All these key process indicators, all these wonderfull managing tools for one goal, happiness through private property)
13 Freddy Cole : Brother

Kiss caress and more until next time

lundi, septembre 14, 2009

On the road back home

Yep dears, i will come back on the air real soon, still on radio Brume (90.7 Mhz, Lyon-France).
Expect a new update during the week end.

By the way will some of you attend this next meeting ?
I won't, a bit far from home, but in case of a fellow londoneer able to pop in, i will welcome any kind of review.

I'm really curious of the Massiera thing.

vendredi, mai 29, 2009


Hello dear listeners, here is the new Aperitivo radio show.

As usual you can

01 Ennio Morricone : Adonai
(If you are waiting for a new world, where everythings stand at the right place, where every places are full of the correct thing)
02 Omar Souleyman : Lansob Sherek
(In your quest of the right you will make a take it easy teenage transform into a calvinist one)
03 Baile funk : Rua lucia tabajara
(For each place its own thing, it is beyond doubt that the world will change)
04 Moebius and Plank : Missi cacadou
(In order to change the humankind you set the basis for an extraordinary project)
05 Yamasuki : Kono samuarai
(You set devices, therapy and exercices to totally convert your neighbours)
06 Los sampler's : Mambo Brillante
(Your project is well set. For each exercice there is step toward your very aim)
07 Ray Baretto : Soul drummer
(For each step you also step its relevant KPI)
08 Shelly Y La Nueva Generacion :Vestido Azul
(Now that you make your neighbours pass the test, your new community will address the world)
09 Cheung Kam Chun : Green mountain jade valley
(Some will pass some won't, they won't have card)
10 Jimi Tenor and Kabu Kabu : Mogadishu avenue
(Despite the fact that in various countries, marvellous singers will sing for you glory...)
11 Pigbag : Papa's got a brand new bag
(...the small amount of your own money that you put in the business disapeared, you've got now to find new free money)
12 Robert Wyatt : The song

Kiss caress and more until next time

vendredi, avril 24, 2009


Alexandre Bonnier12 Rapports techniques sur des choses possibles.Anvers, Schraenen, 1977

Hello dear listeners here is the new Aperitivo radio show.

As usual you can

01 Franco Miccalizi : Adolenza pervesa
(If you want to look good, follow our advices, just focus on the main topics)
02 Peter Iver's band : Cat scratch fever
(You've got to be the best, the smartest, the brightest for your next)
03 April Phibia and the rule-her : Jar jeer jar jaa (anagram jam edit)
(You must make the difference, listen to Aperitivo, then you will)
04 Cursor Minor : The library
(But before working on your outfitt, you will have to work deeper on yourself )
05 Dan Deacon : Woof woof
(You learned to look the most serious)
06 O.Lamm : The Macguffin
(You must convince yousrself, that you are full of ambition)
07 Gyratory system : Barons court turret
(Who are the girls in love with so much ambitious boys)
08 Dr Delay : Music machine Vs Trick Daddy
(To succeed, you already know that you must trust the voice of Aperitivo)
09 Anagram Jam : Anagram Jam
(Follow the book of lessons, comply to your leader)
10 Noor Jehan : I am very sorry
(Don't want to disappoint your parents, let everybody think of you for what you are not)
11 Braen's machine : Movimento
(The key thing is the way you will be able to understand the others)
12 United States of America : Stranded in time
(The great thing is that from a job interview to another one, you will sometime find the unexpected)

13 XTC : 1000 Umbrellas

Kis caress and more until next time

samedi, avril 11, 2009


Pictures by Nicola Moulin, Vider Paris (1998-2001, gallerie :

Hello dear listeners, here is the new Aperitivo radio show.

As usual you can

01 Ennio Morricone : Pioggia Sul Tuo Viso (No2) (The Sorrows)
(Not happy with the world around, not happy with the reality that surrounds)
02 Bob mc fadden : the mummy
(Join our reality falsification course)
03 Ayaléw Mesfin : Hasabe
(Apply, preprare your exams, don't you want to be teached how to modelate your truth)
04 the other half : Mr Pharmacist
(Better than a business school, better that a communication school)
05 Francois de Roubaix : Judo
(Our teachers are all great specialists in each of their activities)
06 Gonja Sufi : Holidaze
(Don't be that surprised with the over reacting attitude of some of them, this is a way to evaluate your reactions in front various situations)
07 Human league : Being boiled
(Together we will learn to build legends, build reality upon the most various sources)
08 Black devil disco club : H friend
(We will build the future reality that your desires deserve)
09 The residents : Constantinople
(We will create new myths, we will be legends)
10 David Shire : the taking of Pelham 123 end title
(Even your neighbours will begin to think another way)
11 Anagram jam : anagram jam
(Our workshops are the most serious)
12 Minuscule hey : Shoelaces dance like a yoyo
(May be we are not the first to give falsification lessons, but we surely are the most talented)
13 Pyjaman & Otto show : Queen Mary
(Our work is concret, our results not to be proved)
14 Nancy Holloway : Hurt so bad
(Every well written idea, every story telling could be a success)
15 Aj holmes & Anne Laplantine : Home

KIss caress and more until next time

vendredi, mars 20, 2009


Yves Klein, le saut dans le vide, (Fontenay aux roses 1960, photo Harry Shunk)

Hello dear listeners, here is the new Aperitivo radio show

As usual you can

01 Napoleon XIV : They are coming to take me away
(Idiots are of the most serious matters. don't you know that being the idiot could save your life, more thant DJs for sure)
02 Bernard Fevre : Dali
(Idiots are devices, idiot is a technic, a new kind of tool)
03 Ben Butler : Other islands
(Idiot is the solution enabling us re inventing everything)
04 Bonde do Tigrão : Beijo na Buchecha
05 Ennio Morricone : Gloria
( I am the idiot, you will be the idiot, he will be idiot)
06 Chico magnetic band : Pop orbite
(For us practising the art of the idiot, we will have to speak a common language)
(To enable the people re discovering everypart of their lives)

Jacques Lizène, Le minable music-hall, 1982 photo Philippe Gielen
08 Big cherry : Come in bonzo
(Time to start our worldwide operation plan)
09 Telepathe : Devil's trident (Planningtorock rmx)
10 The Cosmic Rays & Sun Ra Arkestra : Daddy's gonna tell you no lies
(The air will spread our virus, the countdown is over, there is no way back)
11 Hasil Hadkins : She said
(She said, Simon says)
12 : Sharades : Dumb head
(Everybody is now behaving like an idot)
13 Caravan : Golf girl
(Our project is a complete success)
14 Chimes : Zindy lou
(They are all relearning, rebuilding )
15 Tim Hardin : Hang on to a dream

Saverio Lucariello,Vanité aux pains, gâteaux et vases avec fleurs artificielles (1994)

Kiss caress and more until next time

vendredi, mars 13, 2009


Hello dear listeners, i am what i am is the new Aperitivo radio show.

As usual you can

01 The turtles : Buzzsaw
(You came to us in the hope for big changes)
02 Dan Deacon : Splish splash
(Because you've been, because your ego was so much satisfied)
03 Au : rr Vs D
(Because it's over, because your previous fame is past, you 've just decided that things where about to change, now once more, you will)
04 Elpida : He will come he will come
(taste it once, addict for ever)
05 Gwem & the gwemettes : You lost your rock ' roll
(Your actual mood, your actual state of the art is a mess, you must react)
06 Jimi Tenor & Kabu Kabu : Mogadishu ave.
(Now is the time, you must be proud again)
07 Mr Chop : Snob
(You knocked at our door, we will help you and find the appropriate answer to your problems)
08 The Laze : Run Into Space (The Ascension of Nightjar)
(To solve your problems, we will test differents devices. Ionisation of the air around you, mediation, hypnosis)
09 Ptôse : Waiting for my soul
(Because we tried all these previous methods, we asked you to test some kind of stronger things)
10 Planningtorock : Happy time
(Once lost, now you've got new powers that you will have to use decently.)
11 Fredo Viola : The turn
(As you already must know with great powers, great responsabilities)
12 Pyjaman & otto show : Queen mary
(Now that you trust in your capacities, don't do it alone)
13 Gary Mac Farland : Because

Kiss caress and more until next time

samedi, mars 07, 2009


Hello dear listeners, here is the new Aperitivo radio show.
This week we will ride the crazy horse, looking for pleasure.

As usual you can

01 Georgie Fame : No thanks
(If pleasure, any kind of pleasure, left your life, you came to the right person)
02 Clouddead : Dead dogs two
(Knock knock knocking on heaven's door, ring the Aperitivo's door bell)
03 Sixto Rodriguez : Only good for conversation
(Because you're not satisfied enough)
04 Brooks : Do the math
(Is it because you don't feel free enough, It seems that it still goes around the enough issue. Good enough ? but enough is not satisfaction)
05 Cadence Weapon : The moving walk (instr.)
(On the passage of a few persons through a rather brief unity of time. Rent a room in our rescue centre, we will teach you, but not for free)
06 Giratory system : Barons Court Turret
(A new therapy, a new kind of pleasure, a new life)
07 The Music Machine : T.R.O.U.B.L.E
(You were down, we listened to you, we took care of you)
08 Franco Micalizzi : Adolescenza Perversa
(There was your previous life, grey, unhappy, a life without)
(There is now, reborn, renew, regenerated)
10 The Flamingoes : I only have eyes for you
(You are magnificient, your hairs are fantastic, you shoes are terrific)
11 The beach boys : God only knows (rehearsal)
(Everything is now coulourfull, full of poetry, dreariness is so far away)
12 Wendy & Bonnie : Let yourself go another time

Kiss caress and more until next time

samedi, février 28, 2009


Hello dear listeners.
Here is the new Aperitivo radio show. Long time no see but back again for new adventures.
Did not quit, but had difficulties updating this site.
As a starter, this week no small talk but the show, only the show .
Bon appétit dears.

As usual you can

01 Ersen : gunese don cicegim
02 Trio : Da da da
03 The Rah band : Electric fling
04 Micachu : Just in case
05 Discodeine : Tom select
Houria Aichi : Le cavalier, le cheval et la dame
Houria Aichi : Vie nouvelle
Henri Salvador : Kissinger le duc tho
07 Pilooski : Wizzard
Tommy hools : Le levant
08 Zoo : Mammouth
09 Althea & Donna : Uptown top ranking
10 Sunforest : Magician in the mountain
11 Bridget St John : Seagull sunday

Kiss caress and more until next time