dimanche, septembre 20, 2009

Gross national happiness

Hello dear listeners, here is the new Aperitivo radio show

As usual you can

01 Gianni Marchetti : Psico classico
(You have now join our task force, your job will be to take part of our new Gross national happiness project)
02 April Phibia and the rule-her : Jar jee jar jaa (anagram jam edit)
(Happiness objectives were previously all setlled, the go live date too, You will be part of a dedicated project team)
03 Mort Garson : Be in hare Krishna
(Without any goals in your life you won't achieve anything, welcome in our soon to be perfect world)
04 Ben Butler : Other islands
(Happy to stand in your new consultant position, let's go mate)
05 Satanicpornocultshop : Boule
(Senior consultants will attend an extreme one week training, juniors a one month and a half before standing in front of their customers)
06 Peter Iver's band : Cat scratch fever
Doris : Daisies
Hasil Adkins : She said
Anagram Jam : Anagram jam
(The birth of this new 100% happiness world that we show you is obvious)
07 Vigon : Popcorn
(Happy to join, you did the right choice, are you now ready to work on site)
08 Ersen : Zalim (gaslamp killer edit)
(What appreciation mark did you had during the talking to convince courses ? )
09 Klaus Weis : Hit it
(Your first job will be simple but essential, transform the most people into a happiness believer)
10 Robert Wyatt : Kew Rhone
(Your working days will be long and hard)
11 Young Marble giants : Searching for mister right
(Did you fulfill your objectives, one believer per hour, ten per days, this is the only condition)
12 The cosmic rays: Daddy will tell you no lie
(All these key process indicators, all these wonderfull managing tools for one goal, happiness through private property)
13 Freddy Cole : Brother

Kiss caress and more until next time

2 commentaires:

buzz a dit…

So happy to see/hear you are back!

monsieur aperitivo a dit…

Thanks for this mark of desire.
Appreciate it, moreover than i recently asked myself if there were any points continuing updating this blog.
As you can see, it seems that i found the answer.


Monsieur Aperitivo