lundi, septembre 27, 2010


Hello dear listeners.
I've decided to stop broadcasting the aperitivo radio show.
The show won't exist anymore on the Radio Brume airplay or anywhere else.
I've got the feeling it existed for too long and prefer to push the mute button before driving it to a dead end.
All living things must come to an end, Aperitivo is pleased to leave the place and give its seat to anyone who wants it.
Time to switch off the Aperitivo Radio Show and move forward.
No bitterness, lots of pleasure.
I will still do some dejaying from time to time with my friend Mr Day (next ones will be at LE VOXX café in Lyon on october the 9th and november the 6th) and surely come back to previous unfinished projects like put the END word on that mixtape i began a year ago and still have only 16 mn done.

Last kiss, last caress.

Thank you for all.

Monsieur Aperitivo