vendredi, avril 18, 2008


Hello dear listeners, here is peeping tom, the new Aperitivo show.
For those not keen on playing, but on watching.

As usual you can
listen in real player
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01 Eddie Jefferson : Psychadelic Sally
(If you don't want to leave your couch, don't want to leave that place near the window)
02 Bruno Nicolai : Gin
(If you don't want to act, but be part of the game)
03 Can : Mother sky (pilooski edit)
(If you don't find pleasure anymore in doing, then )
04 Crystal Castles vs Comic Book Fever : Cry Babies
(But the peeping tom position is not that comfortable, it ask high level questions, morality for example)
05 Dan Deacon : Big big big
(We will soon begin our hypnosis experiment, you will first have to choose your side, player or watcher)
06 Ebony Bones : We know all about you
(During your night walk, during your daily drift did you learn something interesting, just tell me)
07 Telepathe : Chromes on it (tan lines rmx)
08 Hot Chip : Sexual Healing
(What you saw, what you recorded, what you wrote in your notebook, is about to open new perspectives)
09 The Heavy : Coleen
(Carefull David St Hubbins once said "there's is too many perspectives". One should always listen to David's advice)
10 Asha Putli : Right down here
(Did you change your mind, now that you know a lot about the others, do you want to be back in the real game)
11 Hildegard Knef : Im 80 stockwerk
(So this is it. Once more it was a lie, you did have hidden goals, didn't you ?)
12 Dorian Pimpernel : Octave Heliophone

Kiss caress and more until next time


Who wants to have a wonderfull time on the 07th may.
He will be responsible for a moment of extreme joy and pleasure.
Mister Jojo will be in Paris playing at "Le nouveau casino".

Ivor Cutler present Jonathan Richman

Pete Zaremba present Jonathan Richman.

Trust me this will be your "The smile on your face" night.

mardi, avril 15, 2008


Hello dear listeners, here is the new Aperitivo radio show.

For those who are waiting for an answer.

As usual you can
listen in real player
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01 Georgie Fame : No thanks
(You did apply for a wonderfull job and now you are waiting for an answer)
02 Le groupe X : Transfert 2002
(Tonight we are interviewing a large number of candidates)
03 Dan Deacon : Snake mistake
(TV, radio newspapers talk about it. A fantastic company is recruiting, and tonight Aperitivo corp is welcoming all of you)
04 X ray spex : Oh bondage up yours
(They are here, standing in the corridor, they are handsome and wealthy, DO they got the knack, because they must have)
05 Addisqt ! : Mix age
(charming, good manners, sexy, wealthy , Ok you got the concept, but aren't you a bit confused).
06 Stevie Wonder : My cherie amour
(Your commitment must be total, giving without counting each day of your life, is it you ?)

07 Panico : Lupita (zongamin rmx)
( We are now doing interview ourselves, no kisses on first meeting )
08 Zongamin vs Dizee Rascal : Bongo Song vs Stand up tall (Hold Music Consultant mash)
(Well paid full time contract, but no time for loosers)
09 Dan le sac vs Scroobius pip : Tha shall always kill
(Hurry up, we got a lot of candicates for a few attachements)
10 Francois de Roubaix : La fete des deux avions
(Being attached won't give you any provident association, but a lot more, a prestigious and fantastic job)
11 Salah Rageb : Egytian strut
(People from different countries applied, each of them were carefully listened. You must now prove that you are worst the challenge)
12 Joe & Bing : Daybreak
(Thank you for coming, for the desire our company raised in you, we will give you a definitive answer within 10 days)

Kiss caress and more until next time

mardi, avril 08, 2008


Hello dear listeners, here is the new Aperitivo radio show.

There are a few things the internet can do. Fake, advertising, spam and sometimes real surprise.

A long time ago i received a comment from a certain Vivian Carol whose single "Oh yeah yeah yeah" i really enjoyed. I found the 7" at my local record shop, a re-release by Wigan casino and played it a couple of time while dejaying or within the radio show.

To be honest i first thought the comment was a joke from one of my friend, but i tried to find more informations on the internet without any success untill recently.

This was for real.

As usual you can
listen in real player
download in MP3

01 Sohail Rhana : Soul Sitar
02 ESG : Bam bam jam
03 Guiliano Sorgini : Straight jacket
04 Grethe Agatz : Ekkoleg (Aperitivo drum machine edit)
05 Allegra : Chunky Monkey
06 Busdriver : Imaginary places
07 Robert Wyatt & Bertrand Burgalat : This summer night
08 Zombie Zombie : No brain no heart
09 Turzi : Allah delon
10 Jim Stuart : Sessomatto (Jim Stuart 1976 Disco Mix)
11 Hirut Beqele : Alokerkum Neber
12 Vivian Carol : yeah yeah yeah
13 The Ambassadors : I really love you

I know dears, the site was dead for a long time. The radio show still continues live every friday night, but you know what life is, time, work, energy.
So that means we had a lot of already broadcasted shows until our last update.
I will do my best updating this site with fresh & exciting music
Kiss caress and more until next time