vendredi, juin 08, 2007


Hello dear listener, here is the new Aperitivo radio show

As usual you can
listen in real player
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01 Tito Puente : Hit the bongos
(All week long you've been afraid.)
02 Ptose : Ecraser la vermine
(30 years ago, posters on the wall was saying the radio is lying....)
03 o.Lamm: The Mac Guffin
(Aperitivo is not a communion but a reunification)
04 Ennio Morricone : Matto, caldo, soldi, morto...girototondo
(Let's fight against, stand in front of the separation, le fractionnement)
05 Glass Candy : Rolling down the hills
(Now do you see the light, fon't you feel that trust, that warmth)
06 Plemo : Nitzipp
(Trust is back, don't you fell the flow, you are shinning)
07 Fifty foot combo : Italian fuzz
(Aperitivo is not a coach, nor a guru but your friend, your every day helping hand, your third leg)
08 Planningtorock : Changing
(Better than a therapy, more powerfull than a philosophy, Aperitivo is an answer to stupidity thanks to foolishness)
09 Final Fantasy : Many lives 49 Mp
10 The Jamaicans : ba ba boom
11: Joe & Bing : Daybreak
12 Anna Raye : Will you love my child

kiss caress a nd more untill next time

vendredi, juin 01, 2007



Hello dear listener
here is the new Aperitivo radio show

As usual you can
listen in real player
download in MP3

01 Stock Hausen and Walkman : Hoots
This is the sound of a man and a woman, a company presenting some kind of disorders
02 Guy Pedersen : Les copains de la basse
Aperitivo's corp is now opening a new compagny, regarding human ressources, human disorders
03 The television personalities : Part time punks
Now that your 14 years old son is coming back from his school in switzerland like a punk, what are you supposed to do, what is the correct answer.
04 Justice : Dance
For more informations and advices you can contact our consultants
05 LDN is a vicitim : Ldn is a vicitm
All those disorders are due to obsolete machines, wrong organization, or human, only human due to human behaviour
06 John Carpenter + Cecil Leuter : Assault on preccinct 13 pop electronic N°2
Our Consulting team has got the key, in success we believe.
07 Francois de roubaix : Piti piti pas
Did you ever think that those disorders could be the result of a strange hormonal activity.
08 Todosantos : OMG we got it
This a new kind of therapy based on music, brain and hormonal disorders cured thanks to specificly choosen vibes
09 The Gun Club : Sex beat
When i was a young boy, sometimes i felt completly exhausted, this was my drug, my energy flash. Managing this company is a hard job, sometimes i still need a flash.
10 Lizzy Mercier descloux : Funky stuff
Does your own company fight against different kinds of inside tension ...
11 Joey Heatherton : When you call me baby
So you must create a room dedicated to the sweat of all these tensions, let's call it the Love inside room
12 Rhetta Hughes : You're doing with her - when it should be me
13 Orpheus : Never in my life

Kiss caress and more until next time