samedi, juin 24, 2006


Hello dear listener.
Here is the new aperitivo radio show, this one is dedicated to the smell
of reality.No poetry, no fantasy, this is for real, straight.

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01 Franco Micalizzi : Affanno
(Let's begin with something real, something that is not for fun, this is
straight, aperitivo is not here for a laugh)
02 Jonathan Richman : I was dancing in the lesbian bar
(Sometimes i say straight and i don't act, i was dancing in the lesbian bar and then the pictures were published on myspace, can't you do something strictly on your own)
03 Pianosaurus : Thriftshoppin'
(Let's talk about reality, don't you think that singing in a band strictly playing with toys is a serious job, ask your mum you'll see what i mean, won't you find a decent job for once)
04 Ma radio star : Jah paradise
(Have you got trouble living in reality, without any poetry : repeat this mantra : future is wonderfull, full of good surprise, future is wonderfull, full of good surprise,future is wonderfull, full of good surprise)
05 Outkast : Behold a lady
(I'm building of future made of joy and happiness, I'm building of future
made of joy and happiness : Are ready to enter the real world ?)

06 Jackson and his computer band : Arpeggio + Man on the moon
(Still trouble, so let's try an unique experiment, radio hypnosis )
07 Satanicpornocultshop : Shoplifter at jusco punk 777!!! mix
(Think this is an attack from an awfull bunch of terrorist trying to give us some poetry, don't listen to them)
08 Phon.o : trick or treat (funkstorungs rmx)
(Peace and tranquility in the land of reality, we still can live in happiness despite the lack of poetry, did you know that man walked on the moon and that is reality, not some kind of foggy dream)
09 Sebastian : Smoking kills
10 Zongamin : Tunnel music
(Access to reality is a tunnel.You are actually leaving the world of fantasy, welcome)
11 Final fantasy : Do you love
(Do we have to understand it as the latest or the definitive)
12 The beach boys : Solar system
(Seriously, this is my favourite band ever, an unusual song listen to that synth)
13 Thee stranded horse : So goes the pulse
(Last week i went to see and hear Ramona Cordova playing, that was tremendous, but the same night i also discovered the music of Thee stranded horse, i was delighted, i really love the 7'' i bought)

Kiss caress and more until next time

samedi, juin 17, 2006


Hello dear listener, this is a broadcast that has got the board validation.
Perfectly following our corporate template.

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01 Ramona Cordova : Giver's reply
(Straight after the show, i went to see ramona playing live, it was a great moment. He is a truly unique singer, a kind of american folk Tom Ze, i mean that he is a battery, a small thing full of energy, his Lp is availaible on e-music or through Eca records in the US and clapping music for Europe. You MUST buy it, GO NOW)
02 ESG : Keep on moving
(From project to project our business is doing well, we the consultant from the aperitivo consulting company)
03 Namosh : words
(Words are extremly important, for example you do not solve customer's problem, you adress customers with solution, right !)
04 Friendly : Nobody
(You are working in a team for your partner, you are not working with the team, don't forget)
05 Cry on my console : U can't stand up tall
(You are not a victim, you are a winner)
06 Alton Ellis : Get ready
(Night and day, whatever the time is, you should be ready to go for another project)
07 Barbara Randolph : Got a feeling
(Even if you got the feeling that you'll stay in a crappy hotel for a boring project, but remember rule 04 you are working in a team for your partner)
08 Baroque jazz trio : Dehli Daily
(Developement in a modern company like ours is obviously done in India)
09 Les masques : Il faut tenir
10 Wild Flowers : Impotence
11 John Greaves & Robert Wyatt : Kew Rhone
(You know that Wyatt is one of my all time favourite, wild flowers was his first band, with Kevin Ayers and the Hopper brothers, and David Sinclair who will later be Caravan)

I told you that was Ramona Cordova 's day.

Kiss caress and more until next time

vendredi, juin 09, 2006


Hello dear listener
Here is the new aperitivo radio show, with no slice of sport in it.

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01 Jim Noir : My patch
(Here is our first advice, don't let your child breath sport. If it is too late use this patch)
02 Whitey : Wrap it up
(Breathing sporting things is dangerous, it could damaged your health)
03 Baile Funk : la rua lucia tabajara
(The use of sport could bring you to harder drugs, it has been proven that watching sport is often the first step to alcoholic habits, stop it now)
04 Spank Rock : Rick Rubin
(You'd better go out with you friend for a barbecue party, sport is alcohol, barbecue is ... just a bottle of wine, as it is often said, wine is not alcohol, wine is wine)
05 Grand Buffet : Headballs
(Do you know that the sex of a cat has got a bone in it, is that sport or cheating, i love cats)
06 Metropolitan Jazz Affair : Birds of spring
(I had that conversation with friends at a restaurant today, do you know that the pork nose has got a bone in it, don't you think i've got interesting conversations)
07 Koop : Tonight
(Tonight is the night, time to give up your naughty habits, simple and easy during these first sunny days)
08 Architecture in Helsinky : Whirlwind
(Take it or leave it they said, alright alright i'm going to take it)
09 Tom tom club : Wordy rappinhood
(I told you , it is all about hits)
10 Robopop : Our house
(In our house, kids are free, they are no longer obliged to watch sport on TV, in our house it is barbecue party every night, and you know what, we are all living barefoot)
11 The Sparks : Fletcher honorama
(Your toes are naked, they are well and happy, dancing upon pop music)
12 Caravan : Golf Girl

Kiss caress and more until next time

vendredi, juin 02, 2006


Hello dear listeners here is the new aperitivo radio show.
Two weeks without a show, wow.

The radio studio electricity power block was damaged, water everywhere.
You all know that water and electricity are devil friends, but now everything is repared, and things continue on and on.

A usual you can
listen in real player
download in MP3.

01 Dead kennedys : Too drunk to fuck
(To all the kids everywhere who are dreaming of skateboarding instead of working on their exams)
02 Andre Herman Dune : Smalltown boy
(To all the kids who are dreaming of big towns, clubs, sweat, and fantasy instead of working on their exams, things are always the same)
03 Komatrohn : Smalltown boy
(Always the same, but everytime a different one, changes in continuity)
04 Bretzel Goring : Bad news from the stars
("The sea always starting again and again" said Giscard, tonight Monsieur Aperitivo is wearing a splendid Giscard shirt and things are going fine, again and again)
05 Bootleg : Everybodyloves
(I don't know who is responsible for this, does someone out there knows who is guilty ? i love that)
06 Esther Williams : You gotta let me show you
(Things are always starting again and again, tomorrow i will have to mow the lawn, tonight i will brush my teeth)
07 My robot friend : Walt Whitman
(Did walt whitman wrote about things starting again and again, he did for sure on the fall of leaves)
08 Mr Pacman : (Rock) star hustler + Man on the moon
(Did walt knew that leaves fall because of Mr Pacman energy)
09 Bow wow wow : C30 C60 C90
(The classic fight, ancient and modern, Mp3 against C60, do the kids know what C60 was ?)
10 586 : We got bored
11 Eartha Kitt : Hurdy gurdy man
(Funny how many Donovan's song were played on that show without ever playing Donovan himself)
12 Gloria Jones : Tainted love
(Sadly, a car story)
13 The Balanescu quartet : The Model
(Classic and modern again, Ralf & Florian's machines against Mister Alexander Balanescu's violin)
14 Lee Hazlewood : The night before
(That's the way to end the aperitivo radio show, exactly like it began, startin again and again i told you)
15 Nara leao : Deus Vos Salve Esta Terra Santa

Kiss caress and more until next time