vendredi, juin 09, 2006


Hello dear listener
Here is the new aperitivo radio show, with no slice of sport in it.

A usual, you can
listen in real player
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01 Jim Noir : My patch
(Here is our first advice, don't let your child breath sport. If it is too late use this patch)
02 Whitey : Wrap it up
(Breathing sporting things is dangerous, it could damaged your health)
03 Baile Funk : la rua lucia tabajara
(The use of sport could bring you to harder drugs, it has been proven that watching sport is often the first step to alcoholic habits, stop it now)
04 Spank Rock : Rick Rubin
(You'd better go out with you friend for a barbecue party, sport is alcohol, barbecue is ... just a bottle of wine, as it is often said, wine is not alcohol, wine is wine)
05 Grand Buffet : Headballs
(Do you know that the sex of a cat has got a bone in it, is that sport or cheating, i love cats)
06 Metropolitan Jazz Affair : Birds of spring
(I had that conversation with friends at a restaurant today, do you know that the pork nose has got a bone in it, don't you think i've got interesting conversations)
07 Koop : Tonight
(Tonight is the night, time to give up your naughty habits, simple and easy during these first sunny days)
08 Architecture in Helsinky : Whirlwind
(Take it or leave it they said, alright alright i'm going to take it)
09 Tom tom club : Wordy rappinhood
(I told you , it is all about hits)
10 Robopop : Our house
(In our house, kids are free, they are no longer obliged to watch sport on TV, in our house it is barbecue party every night, and you know what, we are all living barefoot)
11 The Sparks : Fletcher honorama
(Your toes are naked, they are well and happy, dancing upon pop music)
12 Caravan : Golf Girl

Kiss caress and more until next time

3 commentaires:

Andrew a dit…

Merci, Appertivo!

Je deteste le sport!!

asshole a dit…

hello, I don't know what you all have contra fait sport but I was trying to download an mp3 and the file I got was empty. Looks like you have good playlists though.

monsieur aperitivo a dit…

So Mr Asshole

I tried to download the show, and it works well. Unfortunatly i don't know what was the problem you encountered.


Monsieur Aperitivo