samedi, juin 17, 2006


Hello dear listener, this is a broadcast that has got the board validation.
Perfectly following our corporate template.

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01 Ramona Cordova : Giver's reply
(Straight after the show, i went to see ramona playing live, it was a great moment. He is a truly unique singer, a kind of american folk Tom Ze, i mean that he is a battery, a small thing full of energy, his Lp is availaible on e-music or through Eca records in the US and clapping music for Europe. You MUST buy it, GO NOW)
02 ESG : Keep on moving
(From project to project our business is doing well, we the consultant from the aperitivo consulting company)
03 Namosh : words
(Words are extremly important, for example you do not solve customer's problem, you adress customers with solution, right !)
04 Friendly : Nobody
(You are working in a team for your partner, you are not working with the team, don't forget)
05 Cry on my console : U can't stand up tall
(You are not a victim, you are a winner)
06 Alton Ellis : Get ready
(Night and day, whatever the time is, you should be ready to go for another project)
07 Barbara Randolph : Got a feeling
(Even if you got the feeling that you'll stay in a crappy hotel for a boring project, but remember rule 04 you are working in a team for your partner)
08 Baroque jazz trio : Dehli Daily
(Developement in a modern company like ours is obviously done in India)
09 Les masques : Il faut tenir
10 Wild Flowers : Impotence
11 John Greaves & Robert Wyatt : Kew Rhone
(You know that Wyatt is one of my all time favourite, wild flowers was his first band, with Kevin Ayers and the Hopper brothers, and David Sinclair who will later be Caravan)

I told you that was Ramona Cordova 's day.

Kiss caress and more until next time

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