vendredi, mai 29, 2009


Hello dear listeners, here is the new Aperitivo radio show.

As usual you can

01 Ennio Morricone : Adonai
(If you are waiting for a new world, where everythings stand at the right place, where every places are full of the correct thing)
02 Omar Souleyman : Lansob Sherek
(In your quest of the right you will make a take it easy teenage transform into a calvinist one)
03 Baile funk : Rua lucia tabajara
(For each place its own thing, it is beyond doubt that the world will change)
04 Moebius and Plank : Missi cacadou
(In order to change the humankind you set the basis for an extraordinary project)
05 Yamasuki : Kono samuarai
(You set devices, therapy and exercices to totally convert your neighbours)
06 Los sampler's : Mambo Brillante
(Your project is well set. For each exercice there is step toward your very aim)
07 Ray Baretto : Soul drummer
(For each step you also step its relevant KPI)
08 Shelly Y La Nueva Generacion :Vestido Azul
(Now that you make your neighbours pass the test, your new community will address the world)
09 Cheung Kam Chun : Green mountain jade valley
(Some will pass some won't, they won't have card)
10 Jimi Tenor and Kabu Kabu : Mogadishu avenue
(Despite the fact that in various countries, marvellous singers will sing for you glory...)
11 Pigbag : Papa's got a brand new bag
(...the small amount of your own money that you put in the business disapeared, you've got now to find new free money)
12 Robert Wyatt : The song

Kiss caress and more until next time

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