samedi, avril 11, 2009


Pictures by Nicola Moulin, Vider Paris (1998-2001, gallerie :

Hello dear listeners, here is the new Aperitivo radio show.

As usual you can

01 Ennio Morricone : Pioggia Sul Tuo Viso (No2) (The Sorrows)
(Not happy with the world around, not happy with the reality that surrounds)
02 Bob mc fadden : the mummy
(Join our reality falsification course)
03 Ayaléw Mesfin : Hasabe
(Apply, preprare your exams, don't you want to be teached how to modelate your truth)
04 the other half : Mr Pharmacist
(Better than a business school, better that a communication school)
05 Francois de Roubaix : Judo
(Our teachers are all great specialists in each of their activities)
06 Gonja Sufi : Holidaze
(Don't be that surprised with the over reacting attitude of some of them, this is a way to evaluate your reactions in front various situations)
07 Human league : Being boiled
(Together we will learn to build legends, build reality upon the most various sources)
08 Black devil disco club : H friend
(We will build the future reality that your desires deserve)
09 The residents : Constantinople
(We will create new myths, we will be legends)
10 David Shire : the taking of Pelham 123 end title
(Even your neighbours will begin to think another way)
11 Anagram jam : anagram jam
(Our workshops are the most serious)
12 Minuscule hey : Shoelaces dance like a yoyo
(May be we are not the first to give falsification lessons, but we surely are the most talented)
13 Pyjaman & Otto show : Queen Mary
(Our work is concret, our results not to be proved)
14 Nancy Holloway : Hurt so bad
(Every well written idea, every story telling could be a success)
15 Aj holmes & Anne Laplantine : Home

KIss caress and more until next time

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