samedi, janvier 14, 2006


Hello dear listener, last night was the first real show of the year, and it 's gone bad, what an adventure.

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01 Lou Rawls : It was a very good year
(Last time i choose to play Mel Torme instead of Lou, and now he is gone. Was it a very good year ? Anyway it is a new one. Let’s make it good.)
02 Jorge Ben : Take it easy my brother Charlie
(The funkier brazilian singer, we need him now, and we want him now, funky warmth for you and me)
03 Para One : Clubhoppn + Ravi Shankar : Om
(what’s happening here, is it dancing time , yes my friend it is cold outside and you got to move)
04 Jay Z : Hey papy (Folk mix)
(I’m not into jay Z, but this particular mix is wonderfull, don’t exactly know who did it. First time I heard it was on a Four Tet mixtape, listen)
05 Usher : Yeah (Edit cut up)
(Can I repeat myself, I’m not into Usher, but this mix is brilliant, it is absurd, completely twisted, upside down music for four legs dancers)
06 Eartha Kitt : Hurdy gurdy man
(Flying saucers just landed on the radio car park, a strange lady came out of an UFO and asked me if she could sing on the radio, as I’m very courageous I said yes of course, she did and left)
07 Supermadrigal Brothers : Sunshine superman
(While her flying saucer was taking off, a weird mob of strange little boys arrived and asked me “Is it here that we need to apply for the first alien singing contest ?” Oh, No am I that tired ?)
08 Esther Philips : Home is where the hatred is
(Too much emotions for one show, I must rest a bit, think a bit, are we alone in the universe , is there a superior minded person out there, feel I that comfortable and sweet listening to Esther Philips, do I need a drink ?)
09 Dorothy Ashby : Afro Harpin’
( Legendary record coming out of cadet vaults)
10 Serge Gainsbourg : L’hippopodame
(Love with a woman in a Renoir’s painting)
11 Bergen White : Hurt so bad
(Bergen is an undefected romantic)
12 TTC : le chant des hommes
(Man needs what a man needs, did i heard that in a western ?)
13 Add N to X : Take me to your leader
(No, no I am not that tired, aliens took me to their leader and he looks like that evil one in flash gordon)

Kiss caress and more untill next time

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