vendredi, avril 28, 2006


Come my friend, come in, don't be afraid to enter the Aperitivo's clinic.
Do you feel tired, a bit down, come on the good doctor will take care of you.

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01 Mr Chop : Electric vibes
(Your nerves are electric, your feet can't help themselves beating, these are the first symptoms)
02 The sonics : Psycho
(Psycho ? are you ? Do you need some treament, the aperitivo's clinic and its first class doctors are here to help you)
03 Napoleon XIV : They're coming to take me away
(Kim Fowley, Kim Fowley, Kim Fowley, Kim Fowley, Kim Fowley, Kim Fowley, Kim Fowley, Kim Fowley, AHA AHA AHAHHHH)
04 Tiny Tim : Eversince you told me that you love me (I'm a nut)
(In his birds room, this patient, recovered thanks to our musical pills, red one for happiness, blue one for sleeping, green one, i forgot, what does green stood for ? )
05 Marcos Valle : Nao tem nada nao
(For those who can't stand musical therapy, why not trying the brazilian sun, a short course of heat therapy )
06 Chris Bell : I am the cosmos
(Heat and music are good to help you reconsider your own place into the universe : have a stay in our planetarium)
07 Rachid Taha : Safi
(klnlk, kiaojod,nosi, nkdjsoie,nps pojdpsj jipdjsiii,xbb cyq,ep, as you can hear this patient seems both in love and terribly angry. Our team will soon try a new way to bring him peace. Oriental hard rock is our new therapy)
08 Rev9ln : Walking machine (Sebastian rmx)
(As Justice, Sebastian is our new member in charge of our patient tranquility, don't annoy him)
09 Take Rodriguez and his exotic arkestra : Revcarib
(Every friday the clinic will let you have a visit, friends or family for a special friday night dance party)
10 Komatrohn : Databit
(Once you 'll be tranform into a honorable member of the aperitivo's clinic, you'll be rewared with a go on our fantastic game consol )
11 Cursor Minor : Gizmo kid
(Patient you are, gizmo kid you will be)
12 Ju-par Universal Orchestra : Funky music
(Our great preacher invite you to the communion)
13 Freda Payne : I shall not be moved
(You are still in a precarious situation, you are not totaly in control, we urge to to come back next week for another choc treatment)
14 Coralie Clement : Lou

Kiss caress and more until next time

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julioxo a dit…

Very nice

Anonyme a dit…

Nice idea with this site its better than most of the rubbish I come across.

Anonyme a dit…

Your site is on top of my favourites - Great work I like it.