vendredi, avril 07, 2006


Hello dear listener
Live from the Aperitivo corp. building, here is one more hour of Aperitivo radio show.

As usual you can
listen in real player
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01 Piero Piccioni : Mr Dante Fontana (Conditioner mix, Giulio Aloisi 4 tam tam prod)
(The first of our new product placement activity is one dedicated to our beloved sponsor, whom i'm really gratefull for )
02 Gilberto Gil : Bat Macumba
(Now for Monsieur Aperitivo to buy a new pair of sport shoes, you 'll have to suscribe to our new Brazilian tour, especially recommended by the culture minister)
03 Os mutantes : Lady lady
(For a good advertising campaign, be sure sure women not to forget. Product placement is a science my friend, woman is the man's advisory. Cf. the aperitivo complete corporate rules p.879)
04 Clouddead : dead dogs two
(Our board have just decided that behalf human activity, pet money is good money)
05 Charizma : red light green light
(Just coming after the pet business is the car business, everyone's got a car, do you kno what ? car money is good money)
06 Michael Yonkers band : Microminiature love
(At aperitivo corp, we also have our pirate mob, anarchist disturbing our rules, our business plan was good, but they break it all with their R'nR attitude).
07 The Gun Club : Sex beat
(Everything is fucked up, rock n roll is everywhere, they invade the aperitivo corp building, do you remember the Monthy Python movie, with its white collar pirate ?)
08 Grethe Agatz : Ekholeg + Aperitivo drum machine
(This is our last attempt to make good business together, let's try the child market)
09 Uffie : pop the glock
(Or the young girl one ? Does your daughter have her secret diary, i could sell her one ?)
10 Hypo : New world menuet
(Finally let's face it real, Aperitivo corp is a good company, but not able to make money, or keeping its shareolders on board)
11 Venetian snares : Dance like you're selling nails + Chiitra Neogy : Advice to the lovelorn
(Here we are, the pirate took complete control of the building, nothing is in control)
12 Bonde do role : Funk da esfiha

Kiss caress and more until next time

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mrdantefontana a dit…

Somehow I missed this show when posted.
I thank you!