vendredi, mars 31, 2006


In memory of two brothers, Epic Soundtracks & Nikki Sudden, together back again.

Hello dear listener, here is the new aperitivo radio show with real pieces of tenderness & slices of rock'n'roll in it.
This is no diet show.

As usual you can
Listen in real player
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01 The Cramps : I can't hardly stand it
(If you want to talk about rock n roll you've got to talk about the cramps. I remember it pretty well, they were the first act i saw live as a young boy, it was wild.)
02 Epic Soundtracks : Big apple graveyard
(This is one of my favourite Lp ("Rise above" Rough Trade, 1992) , did you hear the bad drummer, do you want to know his name, ok i will tell you, his name his Jay Mascis. I don't know if this record is still availaible, but you've got to buy it, it's a lost classic, Mr Soundtracks wrote delicate, melodic and energic songs on this one. I think people will rediscover this songwriter exactly the same way they recently did with Bill Fay.)
03 Nikki Sudden & the french revolution : Captain kennedy
(The other brother, former Swell Maps, how can somebody don't love this boys, Epic & Nikki are together again, "Farewell my lovely " wrote Raymond Chandler. Monsieur Aperitivo give you his sweetest kiss)
04 Munk : Kick out the chairs
(Close to the MC5's songtitle, here is another clubby punky, funky one, everyone 's gonna shake his head right NOW)
05 A certain ratio : Do the du
06 Gang of four : I found that essence rare
(All this punk/funk scene owes his energy to bands like gang of four, PIL and A certain ratio, aperitivo is paying is duty, to his teenager years)
07 Mike Jones vs Britney Spears : Trippin toxic (hollertronix mix)
(Back to the club, don't you think that my dear old romantic rockers would have loved dancing at the aperitivo's, having a frenetic dancing style with you and me, let's call it minister of the silly dance)
08 Scanty sandiwch : Because of you
(The jacksons 5 went big beat)
09 Darondo : Legs
(I played "Didn't i" some times ago, and then came this reissue, come on you've got to run to your local record seller, this is a marvellous discovery, i love Darondo and his off key falsetto)
10 Billy Nicholls : Girl from New york
(The first time i heard that song, i thought that Mudhoney borrowed his Big muff sound out of it, you know what, this is another 60's lost classic, another must have)
11 Suicide : Rocket USA
(Another way to feel the dirty side of rock n roll)
12 Mortimer : Singing to the sunshine
(Can i leave you without a sweet and tender melody, of course not, how could you go to bed without it.)

Kiss, caress and more until next time

P.S : Tracks 07 to 10 aren't like they were broadcasted. I had a flat battery problem with my recorder during the show. Back house, i opened the sound editor and put the songs one after the other in the order i played them during the show. I just wanted you to listen to that special "In memory show".

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julioxo a dit…


monsieur aperitivo a dit…

Thank you julioxo

Hope you enjoyed the epic soundtracks song, his lp "rise above" (Rough trade, 1992) is a fantastic one, truly emotional, a gorgeous record.
Think it is not really known, everybody should try to buy it.
It is a must have.

Monsieur aperitivo

mrdantefontana a dit…

Great show. Thanks!

Anonyme a dit…

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