dimanche, mars 26, 2006


Hello dear listener, the aperitivo radio show is back after a two weeks break.
Welcome at “La marque jaune” my new restaurant.

As usual you can listen in real player
Download in MP3.

01 Kabuan Moogda : Wairoon (Teenager)
(Do you want some Thai amuse bouche to begin your new aperitivo meal)
02 Mohamed Rafi : Jan pahechan ho
(Otherwise you can have some Indian raita)
03 Stock, hausen & walkman : ordeal
(People working as a cook for Aperitivo Corp., all use the aperitivo scientific method)
04 Scratch pet land : Post it + Ravi Shankar : + Detroit grand pubah : Sandwiches + Princess Superstar : Wet wet wet
( Just read the aperitivo cookbook, learn our tips watch the DVD, It’s your turn now, just have a try, but don’t forget that you’ll have to follow the corporate template).
05 James White : contort yourself (twitch - optimo rmx) + DMX : What’s my name + Princess Superstar : Do it like a robot
(Is this some kind of a bouillabaisse, very tasty indeed)
06 Brooks : Do the math
(Now that you’ve learned the way aperitivo corp is doing its cooking, I’d like you not to forget It’s scientific method, but most important if you want to join, our corporate template)
07 Riton : Candy
(Now let’s try something new, here is sweety time)
08 The highlighters band : The funky 16 corners part 1
(Now that your cooking is ready, you’ll have to learn how to manage your team, funky shouting)
09 Mina : Se telefonando
(A good team in the kitchen is important, a good outside too, even answering at phone, phone is your first contact with your customer, cf. corporate template p.445)
10 Sonic Youth : Superstar
(Alright, are you ready guys to become a cooking superstar, a great chef)
11 Chuck & Marry Perrin : Eversince

Kiss, caress and more until next time

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