samedi, mars 04, 2006


Here is the new aperitivo radio show.
Expect a touch of magic, Harry Houdini, escapism and spirit knocking at your door.

As usual you can listen in real player
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01 Evariste : connais-tu l'animal qui inventa le calcul integral ?
(Tonight Aperitivo is dedicated to the memory of the great Harry Houdini, did he invented integral calculous, I don’t think so, but the many ways to escape from every dangerous and stupid situation)
02 Midisport : Florianopoly
(Uwe Schmidt escaped from germany, was that a stupid situation. Anyway he is now one of the strangest orchestra conductor. Do you remember the latin Kraftwerk ?)
03 Los samplers : Vamos con San Pedro
(One more magic experience, how to transform a bunch of young friends into the wildest and strangest descarga band ever, Uwe is still close)
04 The magnetic sounds : Je t’adore
(In times where safety belt ruled, Harry was surely one of the happiest guy in town, nothing can let him locked outside)
05 Ramona Cordova : Givers reply
(Is Ramona a spirit, this guy is something special, moving, try this link)
06 Herman Düne : Not on top
(Houdini was not always on top, sometimes he was underneath, water everywhere, death is not the end)
07 Stump : Buffalo
(Was it because he knew death closely that Harry was such an anti spirit)
08 Unknown artist but baile Funk : Novalgina

09 Unknown artist but baile Funk : Bejo na bucheda
(I love this music, high energy, stupid, I still think that all those singers were completely drunk when they recorded their songs)
10 Edwin Star : Get up (pski edit)
(Retired in his house in New York, Harry was watching MTV when he saw Edwin singing, he began to doubt about spirit and poltergeist non existence)
11 Kayne West : Gold digger
(In his hotel room Mr Aperitivo was watching MTV YO when he saw Kayne, he began to doubt about spirit and poltergeist existence)
12 Kathleen emery : Sometimes i feel like a motherless child

Kiss caress and more until next time

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