samedi, février 18, 2006


Here is the new aperitivo radio show.

A usual
You can listen in real player

01 Michel Legrand : Maracaibo
(Tonight Aperitivo is a disco, let’s party, one two cha cha cha)
02 Esther Williams : last night change it all
(Some had their life saved, some changed it all, some lost all the water of their bodies, dancing is a tough job)
03 Scott Walker : Prologue , little things (that keep us together)
(Classical dancing rules, no rudness, but if you are good enough, discos and parties could be the opportunity to find a girl or a boy, be nice with him/her and send to hell all the others)
04 George Russell : A helluva town (SA RA “Go” rmx)
(Talking of the different ways to send to hell competitors, I urge you to read our manual “Vercoquin et le plancton” (released in english speaking countries as The Compost Worm) By Boris Vian, just follow the professor Major's instructions)
05 Alter Ego : Rocker
(Now that you are an expert, let’s rock it out)
06 Evil Hippies : Che Guevara superstar
(In the backroom, everything is quiet, expect the sound of multiple breath and silk that is falling from shoulders, hourray for the Major)
08 France Gall : Ma chanson indienne
(Now, all is peace and tranquility, on earth may be, but in the backroom for sure)
09 Aphrodite’s child : Funky Mary
(It’s time to go back to the party, things are getting hotter and hotter there)
10 Hugo Montenegro : Moog power
(The Dj decided to bring a lighter mood to the dancefloor, electricity, transistors and Moog magic)
11 Telex : Twist a Saint Tropez + The streets
(Electricity and twist are good friends, together they are responsible for a lot of knees accident)
12 Grace Jones : Pull up the bumper
(The last of our courageous dancers where still on the dancefloor, time to encourage them, listen to Grace Jones my friends)
13 The Chap : I got flattened by a pig farmer
( Time to bring the temperature to a cooler level, the night is old, the dancers will soon have to leave the dancefloor)
14 Young Marble Giants : Searching for Mister Right
(End of the show, the aperitivo dancefloor is closed, have a good sleep)

Kiss caress and more untill next time

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