samedi, février 04, 2006


Finally we manage to beat the evil MING, here is the new Aperitivo radio show.
No illness, no catastrophy, no elements in fury, just pleasure and a few health advice.

A usual you can listen in real player

01 Shocking blue : Aqua raga
(From Venus to Aqua Raga, aperitivo choose wealth. Corpore sano indeed)
02 Friendly science orchestra : loin des sambas
(Some strange sun warmth to blow winter away)
03 Erik satin : Satinesque
(Now that we are in a better mood, do you wanna dance ? Classic rules please)
04 Thomas and Richard Frost : Visualize
(As it is said in the beginning, a song in visualize, )
05 Chrysalis : Piece of sun
(Another gem re released thanks to the folks of revola, if you like 60’s pop I urge you to buy their release)
06 Britney spears : Me against the music (justice rmx)
(Everybody likes when Britney is getting emulsified with such a roughness)
07 Soulwax : Ny excuse (justice rmx)
(Another extreme clubbing mix from the justice shaker)
08 Teriyaki Boyz : HeartBreaker
(japanease hip hop and gastric acidity)

09 Hawnay Troof : This Is Our Invite
(Think banjo, booty, think beasty)
10 Hella : Madonna Approaches R&B Blonde
(Ouups, what’s that sound, is it electronic hard rock time, can this seriously exist ? )
11 Georgio : tears
(If there is electronic metal, why can’t we have fun listening to gothic disco ?)
12 White noise : My game of loving
(The true sound of love, love in my friends)
13 Uffie : Pop the glock
(This will be a hit, it will a have to be a hit, I want it to be a hit)
14 Daniel Johnston : Speeding motorcycle(No time to joke, here is Daniel, just read the previous post)

Kiss, caress and more untill next time

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Vivian Carol a dit…


I'am happy to hear someone is still enjoying my music. THe flip side is something you might want to listen to also.

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