vendredi, avril 14, 2006


Hello dear listener.
Tonight Aperitivo set in a Dojo, try the Aperitivo martial art.

As usual you can listen in real player
download in MP3.

01 The Creation : Making time
(First of all if you wanna join the aperitivo kung fu master, let's make your brain and muscles ready)
02 Triste janero : You didn't have to be so nice
(Your brain is smooth, your muscles are waiting for the action, you are listening to the master's voice)
03 Fiesta Hippie : Lorraine
(Some of you didn't take their shoes and socks off, it is time, do it now or leave)
04 Prefuse 73 : Point to b
(The Aperitivo martial art is based on scientifc calculation, power, strenght, weakness are the main issues)
05 Brigitte Fontaine & Art ensemble of chicago : Comme à la radio
(The main rule is that you have to make your competitor confuse, think and act like John Mc Enroe)
06 X-Ray-Spex : Oh bondage up yours
(Now let's go one hundred percent, you are in action, you're playing it hard)
07 Ian dury & the blockheads : Spasticus artisticus
(Aperitivo Kung fu mantra : Think hard, play hard, think hard, play hard, think hard, play hard, repeat it once more)
08 Extra : baby
(This is the real fight, stay focused on it)
09 Kas Product : Pussy XX
(Straight to the shower, the game is over)
10 Pi-R-Square : Fantasy
(You are kind of knocked out, everything seems to be foggy, don't worry you managed to enter the aperitivo 's last shaolin room)
11 Colin Blunstone : Misty roses
(In the room, everything is quiet, is this some king of a drug effect or what).

Kiss caress and more until next time

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