dimanche, juin 13, 2010

Too many in a car

Picture is the work of Li Wei

Hello dear listeners, "Too many in a car" is our latest aperitivo radio show.

As usual you can

01 The Monkees : I'm not your stepping stone
02 Hugo Montenegro : Moog Power
03 Claudio Simonetti : Demon
04 Bharat Karki & Party : International peace
05 Yamasuki : Abana bakana
06 Grethe Agatz : Ekkoleg
07 Collage : Uni tule silma peale
08 Railcars : Castles (Lucky Dragons RMX)
09 Felix Kubin & Coolhaven : There is a garden
10 Ersen : Zalim
11 Troupe Majidi : Essiniya
12 Montage : Grand pianist
13 Alban Dereyer : Beautiful

The wonderfull Alban Dereyer song is taken from All surprises, a 21 tracks FREE compilation, curated by Chris Evans the man behind the Curve Ball radio show. It can be downloaded here.
Thank you Chris.

Kiss caress and more until next time

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