vendredi, décembre 02, 2005


Hello fellows, empowered by the spirit of Christmas, (because i forgot my puma man at home) here is one more hour of Aperitivo radio show.

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01 The Bongolian : Bongohead
(Let's have a party, take your bongos and shake your head)
02 Elvis impersonator + Al Green : Could this be the love + Nullsleep : Silent night
( Here at Aperitivo's headquaters it is Christmas, do not eat too many sweets, teeth are important for a singer)
03 Simian : Never be alone + Photek : Santiago + Lenny Dee : Mister Santa
( Do you have a marshmallow, come on, the last one)
04 The Mogs : Kelly blame (vocal)
(Some kind of a new fade to grey, but a naughty one, do not let your children listen to that song)
05 Kenny Rogers : Ruby don't take your love to town (S. retouched) + Aperitivo drum machine
(Our last week cowboys friends were disappointed not to be the main attraction of today show, so they are back)
06 Harold Alexander : Mama soul
(Dancing, singing, screaming flute)
07 Quantic soul orchestra : Introduction
(Real funk orchestra extravaganza)
08 Les McCann : Hey Leroy, Your mama's callin' you
(Won't you obey your mum, leave your computer and go eating, plug you off)
09 Bridget St John : Seagull sunday
(Did you know that Nico, Nick drake and John Martyn had a date)
10 XTC : 1000 umbrellas
(Produced by Todd Rundgren, not the usual XTC's favourite one, but may be mine)
11 Tom Lehrer : Yiddish People Kosher Delight
(Listen to a song that could have been written by a yiddish Gary Moshales)
12 Marcus Cultier : Ouelele
(OUELELE OUELELE OUELELE, that talks for itself, party coming out of the french antilla)

Kiss, caress and more untill next week

Oh, i nearly forgot to tell you.
Last week i went to see Brian Auger playing at La Marquise, i had a real good time, friends of the family, la spirale, interviewed him, and you can read it here.

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