samedi, décembre 10, 2005


Hello fellows, it is friday night so let's have a new APERITIVO time.

As usual you can
listen in real player

01 Les maledictus sound : Jim Clark was driving recklessly
(Super heroes driving super cars, making super noise while playing guitars)
02 Le hammond Inferno : Fittipaldi
(Did you hear the sound of that car motor, you could dance listening to that music)
03 Kahimi Karie : The harder they come
(Small japanease voice singing the song of a big jamaican man)
04 Julie London : Cry me a river + Aperitivo drum machine + Detroit grand pu bahs : sandwiches
(Aperitivo is playing sentimental and romantic, won't you share a drink with me, i'll have a glass of cotes rotie please)
05 United states of america : Love song for the dead che
(Wonderfull ballad, i have nothing more to say, just listen)
06 Serge Gainsbourg / Jean Claude Vannier : La horse (Sofa surfers rmx) + DMX : What's my name
(The music of the Gainsbourg/Vannier dynamic duo is excellent, but you should also wacth the movie, an amazing kind of french western)
07 Flair : The non pc song
(Silly lyrics for a stupid song)
08 Puss : Master and slave
(two gameboys, one master and one slave, the machines are going SM)
09 Stéphane Varègues : Le pape du pop
(Silly lyrics for a stupid song, 60's french pop)
10 Jean Yanne : J'aime pas le rock
(I hate rock, that 's the title of that rock song, sung by the pope of the anarco silly, hilarious french singer)
11 Paul Mac Cartney : Temporary secretary
(Will you believe me if i told you that Mac cartney almost invented Acid House, listen to that synth)
12 Smith & Hack : To our disco friends
(Intelligent dance music must be funny)
13 Phill Pratt : Little things
(Jamaican way of being a latin lover, marvellous song for the end of the show under soft lights)

Kiss, caress and more untill next time

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