samedi, juillet 01, 2006


Hello dear listener, here is the new aperitivo radio show.

Tonight listening to the show driving your new car to muscle beach, you will listen to our special advices to prepare your body for summer holydays.

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01 Hildegard Knef : im 80. stockwerk
(Holydays are coming, you did eat like you always like to during winter. And now, now it is a catastrophy)
02 The Monks : Complication
(As a person living in a big town, most of your time is spent seat at the office, on the subway, or driving, so at the begining of the summer, you know that you've got a lot to do to become the king of muscle beach)
03 Joe Bataan : Subway joe
( The real complications are now, every night after work, you take your car to go to muscle beach, practice a bit. You'd better walk there)
04 Tom Ze : Elaeu
(Now you must eat protein, do you know that the aperitivo's bdy shop can sell you pills ? )
05 Les Georges Leningrad : Supadoopa
(Look, you just stick your supadoopa patch here, you know the one you 've just bought to the aperitivo's men body shop)
06 Raymond Scott : Cindy Electronium
(Another usefull machine is the cindy electronium, the one that makes your muscles work when you are sleeping)
07 Afrika Bambaataa : Planet rock
(Zulu nation don't have to work hard for muscle beach party, they are just Zulu nation, fair enough)
08 Dakar & Grinser : I wanna be your dog
(I've been told that there is a new area at muscle beach, one dedicated to your dogs, one where muscle beach heroes can have fun with their body builders dogs, the world is fantastic)
Echokrank : Tempo
(Don't forget that you're training for the muscle brach party, i said party. For sure muscle is the first part of it, but don't forget to practice your dancing habilities, hully gully, mash potatoes, jerk, pogo.....)
Evie Sands : Take me for a little while
(Just to say that heart is a muscle too, that songs comes from it)
11 P.P. Arnold : To love somebody
(I've always been in a sentimental mood, even "fleur bleue" as we say it)
12 Syd Barrett : Baby Lemonade
13 Pure Horsehair : HD told me
(With those muscles, and that horsehair haircut, here you are, the king of the muscle beach party, at last )

Kiss caress and more until next time

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