vendredi, juillet 14, 2006


Hello dear listener, here is the new aperitivo radio show.
This week aperitivo would like to welcome in its new phalanstery .

As usual you can
listen in real player
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01 Butthole surfers : Hurdy gurdy man
(Welcome in our new Aperitivo phalanstery, Monsieur Aperitivo is its administrator, and you will have to vote at the end of the show for him to continue on his duty )
02 Bob log III : Boob scotch
(Be carefull the weather is moist, and scotch is not good for your internal temperature)
03 The dirtbombs : Underdog
(Wait a minute, there is no underdog here, one man one voice this is the rule)
04 Charlie O : The president
(So here we are, this is the question, who will be our next president)
05 Luigee Trademarq : Danse du goumi
(While parents are voting, childen are dancing in our summerhill school alike )
06 Magas : Easy to please
(As the weather is moist the phalanstery will have to vote the budget to build a swimming pool)
07 Crystal castles : Alice practice
(Join us at 17.00 in the free speech area where our best scientists will discuss about the raising of a new civilization)
08 Modeselektor Ft TTC : Dancing box
(Mens sane in corpore sano, so dancing is for your body, and aperitivo is for your spirit)
09 Uffie : In charge
10 Jake thackray : La di da
(Let me introduce you our new vaudeville teacher another grand Jake)
11 Aidan Smith : Song for Manchester
(Did Manchester had its own phalanstery, that wasn't the Hacienda for sure)
12 Fred Neil : The dolphins
(We the people just decided to give the phalanstery a name "The Dolphins", thank you Fred)

Kiss caress and more until next time

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