vendredi, juillet 07, 2006


Hello dear listener, here is the new aperitivo radio show. Last time we took care of your body, this time let's make your spirit clear.

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01 Dom Salvador e Abolicao : Uma Vida
(Tonight we are going to build a new spirituality, a spirituality of life, love, and respect of Aperitivo)
02 Sunshine Company : I just want to be your friend
(Monsieur Aperitivo is your friend, you can join the team for a net amount of 8156 EUR)
03 Blossom Dearie : Unpack your adjectives
(Children are customers, so Aperitivo radio show is also a child programm, so they will be able to ask their parents for money, good money)
04 Breakwater : Release the beast
(To become the ideal holiday friend, let's begin to release the beast in you, just enter our special releasing machine)
05 Dopplebanger : Got it twisted sister (Mobb Deep vs. the rapture)
(We are all brothers and sisters, twisted ones, the aperitivo community is living in harmony)
06 Pro Forma : Cracked machine
(We are going to psychedelize their anaemic dreams, in order to let them become flowers again)
07 Gwem & the gwemettes : You sold your rock n roll
(Dance, dance till your previous YOU completly disappear)
08 The Politicians : Psycha soula funka delic
(You're listening to me, i'm listening to you, you trust me, i trust you)
09 Abaco dream : Life and death in G&A
(You came to the aperitivo community to see the maharishi, you were dead back then, and now, you feel alive, did you ever feel the same ?)
10 Tc Matic : Putain putain
(Ok you are alive for the fist time, but don't be rude)
11 Dahmane El Harrachi : Ya rayah + Aperitivo drum machine
(Feeling good, feeling in harmony, feeling in love, one day you'll come back to your starting point)
12 The beach boys : I want to pick you up
(What did we use here, a lot of things in -ism, but the most important one is the Beachboyism. To be honest just because i can't resist playing another track from the wonderfull Lp that is "Love you", this is the song The BMX Bandits are trying to pen for so long)

Kiss caress and more until next time

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