lundi, octobre 02, 2006


Pete Dello "Into your ears" re release (2006) Hanky panky records

That was 13 years ago, I was just coming back from the record shop with a friend of mine, i had bought "Liberation", the 2nd Divine comedy's Lp, he made his mind for Pete Dello. In my small flat, we were drinking tea, listening to our new records. I taped his record, he taped mine.
I remember that Chet baker's "It could happen to you" was on its B-side , and that one day the tape crashed. Of course i easily find back the Chet Baker but the Pete Dello Lp was definitly lost. I just find a re release and the memories i had of it were right, this Lp is like a bed of cotton, smooth, full of the autumn warmth. This is a perfect sunday morning record.
Listen to "It's the way"

Philippe Garnier "Les coins coupés " (2001) Grasset

Reading this one is a great moment. Not an anthology of his writings for the french magazine "Rock n Folk" but some kind of a novel, out of his experience as a crate digger, record seller and journalist. Real fun, with a distance from the music matter, i mean that he is not directly writing about music, even if he only is.
Some translated pages for our non french reading friends.

Magyar Posse "Random Avenger" (2006) Verdura records

I listen to this Lp every night, after a hard working day, when kids are sleeping. A touch of Ennio Morricone, a slice of Goblin and some Mogwai spices (i don't know a thing about Mogwai, just saw them live years ago, but this is how i imagine their sound). As i've always been into soundtracks, this Lp sounds perfect to me.

Listen to "Popzag"

Harry G Frankfurt "De l'art de dire des conneries - On Bullshit" Ed 2006 10/18

An essay on bullshit.
On Bullshit, that is the all Aperitivo stuff dear.
Aperitivo could have been the Ana O. of Mr Frankfurt.

I'm old fashioned, go to your record or book store and kiss your favourite seller.

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