vendredi, octobre 20, 2006


this picture is the work of Ans Van Der Vleuten

Hello dear listener
Here is the new aperitivo radio show, tonight Aperitivo urge you to join, to build a new world, a cosmic colony.

As usual you can
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01 Ennio Morricone : Passaporto per l'allegria
(The one that do not believe anymore in Chaman, Mahaarishi, marabout. The one that tried them all, he will find his way here, thanks to Aperitivo, do believe in Aperitivo)
Herman Düne : I wish that i could see you soon
(Because they tried all, even "the republic of ideas", some girls , some boys are waiting for a man to get up, a man to raise a new society)
03 Althea and Donna : Up town top rankin
(Come on let's join this Aperitivo's new world society, you will jump on our brand new starship to raise our interstellar republic)
04 The human beinz : Nobody but me (Pilooski edit)
(One asked one day if human race was bound to be saved, heard that one was once killed for our sins)
05 Death from above 1979 : Blood on our Hands (justice rmx)
(May you live long and prosper, will be printed on your shirt)
06 Felix Kubin & Coolhaven : There is a garden
(Aperitivo and its interstellar republic colony, are a bit like the sound of music, somewhere over the rainbow)
07 Niobe : Drei zinnen
(If they only were three)
08 Frankie Valli : Begin (pilooski edit)
(Our mission is to build a true hedonist society)
09 Carleen and the groovers : Can we rap
(What will our outta space colony be like. Will Monsieur Aperitivo be its faithfull guide, he surely will pronounced weddings)
10 Chico Buarque & Ennio Morricone : Agora Falando Serio
(To be honest, last night Monsieur Aperitivo saw "Moonraker", its orbital station will be his garden)
11 Y Pants : Off the hook
(This is all over, it was some kind of a new Captain Nemo story)
12 John Cale : Paris 1919

this picture is the work of Ans Van Der Vleuten

Kiss caress and more until next time

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mrdantefontana a dit…

The download link to RS is not ok.
Too much HTTP! :-)

Click HERE instead.

monsieur aperitivo a dit…

Thank you Mr Dante Fontana.
The download link is now fixed.

mrdantefontana a dit…

monsieur aperitivo - Please, I'm in the middle of your show. Do not disturb!