vendredi, septembre 22, 2006


UPDATE : Unfortunately the files (both real player and MP3) aren't complete, the recording stoped during the Duddley Perkins song. Sorry about that, i don't know what happened. I also uploaded another MP3 file, because the first one was corrupted (a mess of this show and the previous one).Sorry dears. I will play the Anne Laplantine and another Gangpol und mit songs in a future show. Truly yours

Monsieur Aperitivo

Hello dear listener, here is the new Aperitivo radio show.

Tonight we will have to face the untold reality, the lack of physical love.

As usual you can
listen in real player
download in real player.

01 Salt : Hung up
(It is a mater of time, there is the working time, the domestic time, the social time, the Tv time, the sleeping time, hey there is only 24 hours a day, where can we find a minute for the love time.)
02 Grand Union : Morning brings the light
(Morning brings the light, night the darkness, so let's do it during the day )
03 Liz Damon's orient express : 1900 Yesterday
(Let's make it clear, this is not adultery, this is hygienics in a way, there are physical needs as there are psychologicals ones )
04 o.lamm : The mac guffin
(October 30 2006 will see the release of the lp of that perfect french stallion, and it is a great one, just keep an eye on Active suspension release)
05 Chrome Hoof : Tonyte
(Do you want to join the Aperitivo's love stallion incorporated. You will have to follow our guide and respect some extremly precise rules. employment meeting at 2 pm in front of the town hall)
06 Liquid liquid : Optimo
(In a while our company will be to the social security system)
07 April March : Laisse tomber les filles
(Give up girls, lover, no i mean don't totally give up, but do something important with your gifts, join)
08 Nathan Michel : atob
(We've got the idea, the concept, we now need a place to do our business, a place for you)
09 Duddley Perkins : Momma
(husbands, lovers don't get upset, you know this place exist, but you'll never know your wife camler to visit us, we are the most discreet)
10 Teddybears Sthlm & Mad Cobra : Cobrastyle
(Aperitivo's stallion company is ISO 9001)
11 Gangpol und mit : Quand vous travaillez avec votre pc à la maison, gagnez l'argent sans une risque? Ce n'est pas une plaisanterie
(Finally isn't this love thing just a matter of balance between different kind of times)
12 Anne laplantine : Spring won't find us

Kiss caress and more until next time

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