vendredi, septembre 15, 2006


Hello dear listener, here is the new Aperitivo radio show.
Tonight Aperitivo is trying to answer to one of the most important question in the all rock'n'roll History.
What kind of shoes are you ?

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01 Allesandro Alessandroni : Spiagge Azzurre
(Italy, ah Italy, Milano the kingdom of the shoe, I will have to go back there to find out where all the beautyfull old shoes are going to die peacefully, the old shoe cemetery)
02 Vivien Goldman : Launderette
(Do some of you remember that the end of the 70's were a real shoe extravaganza)
03 Glass Candy : Sugar and whitebread
(I'd like a nice pair of escarpin to look like Debbie Harry)
04 Comic book fever Vs Crystal Castles : TV babies
(In comic books, super heroes are always wearing boots, like in a gay Sader Masoch book, are all super heroes comic books writers fetishist)
05 Satanicpornocultshop : Get ur freak on
(The Beatles were Anello & Davide, The Ramones were Converse, I'd like a pair of Ratles please, oh dear what shoes were the beach boys ? )
06 Herbert : Moving like a rain
(Dancing shoes or dancing barefoot ?)
07 Dana and Sirius Mo : Immer wieder
(Ach, German quality, do germans manufactured their shoes like their cars ? I had english, french or italian shoes but never had any german, i'm wandering what kind of germans one could i wear ? Any helping answer to build the european shoe community?)
08 Zongamin Vs Dizzee Rascal : Stand up tall Vs Bongo song
(Someone said ant music for ant people, should i say bouncing shoes for bouncing people)
09 Magyar Posse : Whirlpool of terror and tension
(Murderers in giallo always wear black leather shoes,shoes for a perfect terror and tension walk)
10 Thee, Stranded Horse : Sharpened suede
(I really love this man's music, you've got to buy his 7" go there)
Pere Ubu : Non alignment pact
(Do you believe it, i didn't play it on purpose, today was the non alignment pact meeting, what a laugh had my shoes)

Kiss, caress and more until next time

Monsieur Aperitivo

3 commentaires:

chez a dit…

Please destroy the former comment !
anyhow, the most popular German shoes are the Birkenstocks... maybe you could ask Chris Knox for more informations about that...

monsieur aperitivo a dit…

Now have got a better understanding of a few things about you dear Chez.
I didn't know that you were a wooden flip flop lover.
Ah, the wooden thong step, such a guilty pleasure.

Andrew a dit…

I'm a steel-toe man, myself. My shoes gotta be able to jump on bottles. Great show, Apertivo!