vendredi, décembre 08, 2006


Hello dear listener, here is the new Aperitivo radio show, this week let's make a dangerous experiment, do you want to try to work. Tonight we will try the life of a salary man/girl, a true worker.

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01 Stelvio Cipriani : La polizia a guardare
(Warning : this show was made with real stuntmen, if you want to try this at home, don't say you were not warned)
02 ESG : the beat
(Working is a matter of rythm, you must find the beat, the separation beat)
03 Minimal compact : Statik dancin
(Work is exactly what it is sang, a dance, a dance without movement)
04 Goodbooks : Leni (Crystal castles remix)
(Once more the Crystal Castles are doing a great remix job out of a boring song, what is their secret ?)
05 Kap bambino : Save
(We started a number of 1000 and ended 10. Means that 990 died during the experiment, don't forget, working is dangerous)
06 Germlin : Death pixel
(We started a number of 1000 and ended 10. Now you've got real trouble with the the working health agency)
07 O. Lamm : The Macguffin
(So what the coroner found about our dead stuntmen is jelly, just jelly, to much work transformed them into jelly)
08 Jimi Tenor : Total devastation
(Is work a totally organized concept, or is it chaos ?)
09 Nicole Willis and the soul investigators : Invisible man
(Is work chaos, a fractal concept ?)
10 Bajka : The only religion that i believe
(The marxist theory says that lumpen proletariat is the reserve of the Kapital)
11 Karen Dalton : Something on your mind
(The anarchist theory tells that the lumpen proletariat is the compost of the revolution)
12 Jonathan Richman : Down in Bermuda
(Where is the practice, where is the theory, are you still working ? Did you find your own carrots as your own sticks ?)

Kiss caress and more until next time

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