mardi, mai 13, 2008


I grew up in the wonderfull town of Rennes (France - Brittany) during the 80's.
How old is the captain ?

With friends, girls, the other important part of my life was, like a lot of young boys of my age, music.
There was a very special place in Rennes, one that helped building the human being who hides behind the Mr Aperitivo fantasy, Rennes Musique, my favourite record shop.
I remember going there almost every saturday at the begining of the afternoon (new records arrivals were on saturday)
I remember that one man at Rennes musiques' used to keep each new Sarah records release out of the crates just for me, i was mad about them.
I remember that i pretend not being able to speak german at my A level exams just because i wanted to buy the one and only copy of The monochrome set 's Strange boutique, even if i was real bad at german.
How old is the captain, carefull it is tricky, it was a re-release.
I remember that each christmas and summer holydays, while visiting my family, i went to the shop to buy a full bag of records, my pilgrimage.

It WAS a very special place to me, i say was because since the 05th april there is no shop anymore. Music crisis indeed.

I will never be able to pay my duty to the work the blokes achieved, thank you so much.

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