mardi, mai 20, 2008


Drawing is the work of the hilarious Glen Baxter

Hello dear listeners, Lost in the supermarket is the new Aperitivo Radio Show.

As usual you can
listen in real player
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01 Franco Micalizzi : Sacramento I
(This is it, there is no way to escape, we are saturday, time for your weekly punishment)
02 Quickspace : The precious mountain
(Facing danger, a man alone in front of himself, his inner fears, this is what will happen on the road to the supermarket)
03 Dan le sac & Scoobius pip : Beat that my heart skipped
(Food shopping is on its way, a true adventure on that very particular journey to the center of human habits)
04 Duchess says : Tennen non neu
(The first part of your journey is over, you are about to enter the doors of perceptions)
05 Padded Cell : Konkorde lafayette
(Now that you are in, you can put your sunglasses back in your bag, you saw the truth, this is the real fight)
06 Jessie Evans : Scientist of love
(Did you practice the Charles Bronson 's glance technic)
07 Blossom Dearie : Long daddy green
(Lost between sophisticated packaging, you will have to be strong enough not to yield temptation, did you comply to our training advices)
08 Marva Whitney : Things got to get better (get together)
(method, harshness, suppleness from the knees and the wrist, these are elements of our special training)
09 Tahity boy and the palmtree family : When i speak
(Lost in the supermarket deep throat, you will emerge from your cataleptic fit at the sound of my voice)
10 : Deep six : What you wish from the golden fish
(Ready, now emerge)

This is the work of Etienne Charry

Kiss caress and more until next time

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